Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Ultra-Tech 2 (First Printing) – Updated July 9, 2001

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

General. In equations throughout the book, it appears that ":" was used instead of " = ".

P. 13. Power Cell Energy: The correct abbreviations are kWs and kWh, not kWS and kWH.

P. 22. Suitcase Nanofac: That $10,000 diamond should take 40 hours, not 4!

P. 38. VR Manager: Someone with a deluxe VR rig running in an environment maintained by a Complexity 3 VR manager would participate as if they had a *full VR rig, not a basic VR rig. A Complexity 3 VR manager supports full VR, not just basic VR (see p. 37).

p. 40. In the second paragraph under Directional Transceiver (TL8+), change "tracer needles, homing bracelets" to "tracer needles (p. UT91), homing beacons".

P. 49. Chemical Slugthrower Pistols: Machine pistols use Guns (Machine Pistol) to fire bursts, not Guns (Light Automatic). See p. CI121.

P. 51. Shaped-Charge Rounds: As per p. CII66 or VE191, the roll for a shaped-charge round to detonate is vs. DR+3 for rigid armor or vs. DR/2 for flexible armor, not just vs. DR.

P. 52. Shotgun Ammunition – Chemical: Disassembler nano is on p. 69 and not p. 70.

P. 57. Disposable RL: The TL9+ top-attack version does 6d×20(10). The (10) was omitted.

P. 60. All of the Gravity Beamers listed are TL12+.

Long-Range Mindripper: This requires Gunner (Neural), not Gunner (Beam Weapons).

P. 65. Chemical Grenade: Maximum persistence is 300 seconds; i.e., treat wind speeds under 1 mph as 1 mph.

P. 66. Plasma Grenade: That should be an omni-directional blast, not a uni-directional one!

Force Grenade: Force grenades do 6d and 6d×2 damage, but damage is five times greater for knockback purposes. This brings them in line with the existing description of force grenades in GURPS Robots.

P. 67. Change the last sentence in the first paragraph of Mini-Grenades (TL8+) to read "There are two versions of each mini-grenade: one can be thrown, the other is for use with the Conventional GL, 20mm (p. 54)."

P. 69. Types of Gases: Wind speed (used in the persistence formula) should be in mph.

P. 70. Dominator Nano: Page reference should be to p. 71.

P. 71. Dominator Nano: Dominator nano costs $1,000 per -1 point of disad; that's why a -5-point disad would cost $5,000.

P. 73. Tailored Flexible Armor: ". . . discrete armored clothing" should be ". . . discreet armored clothing"!

In the second example, a suit of medium monocrys costs $1,500 and not $3,000. Halve costs all the way through to correct for this error.

P. 77. Dimensional Infiltration Armor: Clarification: This costs $100,000 per pound the dimensional-transfer equipment weighs, not per pound of armor weight.

P. 82. Explosive Collar: Rules for neck damage are found on p. CII53, not p. CI53.

P. 84. TEMPEST Gear: A factual clarification: In real life, TEMPEST stands for "Transient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Emission STandard," and refers to the standards for shielding against this kind of scanning. The GURPS usage here is idiosyncratic. These scanners require Electronics Operation (Sensors) skill.

P. 85. Folding Weapon: Without one of the three listed skills, the roll is IQ-5 (not IQ-4), equivalent to a default roll.

P. 88. Emergency Support Unit: The Vehicles version draws 0.1 kW, meaning that an E cell (180,000 kWs) should last 500 hours, not 100 hours.

P. 89. Portable Microsurgery: In Bio-Tech, this will be 25 cf if set up or 10 cf if packed, not 100 cf and 25 cf (as stated here).

P. 90. Lotus (TL8+) requires a HT roll (no modification for reduced IQ) to avoid falling into the trance. Addiction to Lotus is worth -25 points ($40/dose, totally incapacitating, highly addictive).

Rush Hour: The disad is "Absent-Mindedness" and not "Absent Minded." Addiction is worth -5 points ($20/dose).

P. 91. Brainpop: Addiction is worth -5 points ($20/dose).

P. 92. Rejuvenation: Memory loss should be rolled for every time rejuve is attempted, successful or not.

P. 93. Guardian Nano: The dominator nano reference should point to p. 71.

P. 96. Bionic Arm & Hand Options: Standard bionic arms and hands are described on p. UT106, not p. UT10.

Micromanipulators: The skill is "Mechanic" and not "Mechanical."

P. 99. Telescopic Vision: It doesn't say how much each extra level increases magnification. Level N gives x(2^N) magnification.

Video Reception: Also costs 5 points.

P. 101. Damage Control: The page references should be to p. CI24 and p. CI25, not to p. CI124 and p. CI125.

P. 102. Hypertough Skeleton: Replace "hyperdense" with "hypertough" in the last sentence.

P. 105. Accelerated Reflexes: Robots should pay 115 points per level, not 145 points per level.

P. 107. Bioplas PolySkin: The first sentence should read, "Users of bioplas dermal armor with at least DR 1 . . ."

P. 109. Silver Tongue, Finger Talons: Page ref should be p. UT108, not UT106.

P. 114. Puppeteer Jack: The dollar cost halves if the user already has an implant computer. The point cost is not halved.

Modular Brain Implants: In the second paragraph, insert a comma after ". . . slots to use . . ." Otherwise, the paragraph is nonsensical.

P. 117. Pet O-ROMs: Page ref for chip slots should be p. 111, not p. 108.

P. 119. Cyberbrain Augmentation: Enhanced Time Sense is on p. CI54, not p. CI55.

P. 120. Under LC (Legality Class), the page reference for Legality and Antiques is p. 11.

In the Armor, Uniforms & Force Fields table, the Protective Coveralls have DR 1.

Add a line after Ultraviolet Vision in the Bionic Modifications table: Video Reception; $25,000; –; 6; 8; 5; 99.

P. 121. In the Communications table, a Neural Induction Pad costs $6,000 – or $10,000 with brainlock.

P. 123. On the Scientific Equipment, Sensors and Viewing Aids table, the Mini-AESA should cost $5,000 and the Mini-Radar should cost $1,000.

P. 124. Blasters: The Weight and RoF of the blaster carbine are reversed.

Chemical Slugthrowers: The Battle Rifle has an SS of 12; the 9mmCP and 10mmCP Submachine Guns have SSs of 11. The 9mmCP SMG should weigh 4.6 lbs., as per the text description on p. 50.

P. 125. Gauss Guns: Recoil for the Gauss CAW is -1, not 1!

The Gas and Spring Needlers have incorrect TLs listed. The Minineedler is TL 8 and the Partisan Needler is TL 9.

Gravity Beamers: As per p. 60, the grav beamer costs $2,000 and not $1,500.

Grenade Launchers: The 20mm weapon costs only $300, as per p. 54.

In the Gyrocs table, the Underbarrel Gyroc has 4 shots, not 6.

P. 126. Rocket Launchers: Use the Guns (Light Antitank) skill and not the Gunner (Light Antitank) skill.

Squirt and Spray Guns: The spray gun is RoF 2~, not RoF 1.