Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Ultra-Tech (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1: Add credit for contributions from Aaron Allston and David Dunham for gadgets, and for Brett Slocum, Stephanie Wardwell, John Monahan, Steven Piziks, Allen Shock and Mary Zawcki for playtesting.

P. 8. The base weight of a microframe computer is 200 pounds and it takes .1 cy. The size of a mainframe is 1 cy.

P. 10. In the sidebar under Voice-Print Analyzers, the p. 00 reference should be deleted. Voice modulators are made and used today; they are devices worn around the throat over the larynx to distort the sound made when speaking – thereby making it difficult to recognize or voice-print that voice.

P. 12. Under Sonic Sensor, the p. 00 reference should be to p. 95.

P. 13. The $1,000 Word Processing program should be a complete desktop publishing program, including image capabilities, not just a word-processor.

P. 17. In the sidebar Laser Sight, the first sentence of the last paragraph should be deleted.

P. 21. In the fourth paragraph, any laser hit to the eye does double damage, and blinds the victim unless he can make a roll of (HT-damage). He may recover later; roll as for other crippling injuries, but again, roll at HT-damage.

P. 22. The military laser carbine (weapon statistics table, p. 126) description is missing. After military laser rifle description, add: "A military laser carbine is a shortened "assault" version of the military laser rifle."

P. 23. In the fourth paragraph, the parenthetical comment should read, "Like most TL8+ weapons, they may be made of nonmetallic materials."

P. 24. In the third paragraph under Vibroblades, the last line, "TL8 blade weapons are at least one quality grade better than the price paid," should be deleted.

P. 24. The last paragraph under Vibroblades was omitted. Add:

A vibroblade can also be used as a saw. It does thrust+2 damage against the DR and HT of the material being cut (see p. B125). For a large, flat surface, such as a wallboard or steel slab, the listed HT is the amount of damage you must do to make a 3-inch cut. For example, to cut a 24-inch slice in a slab of half-inch steel, you must do 320 points of damage – 40 points per 3 inches of steel cut. This damage may be done over any number of turns, but you must overcome the DR of the material every turn.

P. 26: Add Mini-Grenade Launcher: A Mini-GL is a small version of the Electromag Grenade Launcher, designed to be mounted under the barrel of a rifle or carbine, or fired like a pistol. Its magazine holds 3 grenades; it can fire 15 grenades off a C cell.

P. 29. In the second paragraph, a full suit of ablative armor weighs 40 pounds, costs $300, and takes 20 seconds to put on and 10 seconds to take off.

P. 31. Under Digital Camera, the reference to Databases, p. 12, should be deleted. A disk at TL8 holds 40 very-high-quality pictures or 50,000 shots about the quality of a TV picture, per gigabyte. See Software, p. 10, for disk capacity at various TLs.

P. 32. Under Recorder, delete the reference to Databases, p. 12, and add, "at TL8, a disk holds about 2 hours of hi-fi sound or 1,000 hours of low-fi voice recording, per gigabyte. See Software, p. 10, for disk capacity at various TLs."

P. 32. Under Sleep Teacher, the times to gain mental disadvantages should be divided by 10. It is 40 hours per point, not 400. A 5-point Sense of Duty would take 200 hours, not 2,000.

P. 32. The weight of the credit transactor in the sidebar should have been given as negligible rather than 1/4 pound.

P. 37. The weight of a 24-hour tank should be 73 rather than 75 pounds.

P. 38. Under Vacc Suits, delete the sentence beginning "Remember that like other gadgets, the weight and cost of all suits halve one TL later (at TL 9), and again at TL 10." As the Improvements at Higher TLs sidebar on p. 3 states, vacc suits and other survival suits, like armor, are not reduced in weight at higher TLs.

P. 40. In the last paragraph of the sidebar, having an exoskeleton built into a heavy-duty vacc suit adds the weight and cost of the exoskeleton.

P. 40. Under Exoskeletons, add, "Unlike vacc suits, the weight of an exosuit is reduced at later TLs. In a TL 9+ version of an EVAC or EVAS, the weight of the vacc suit is not reduced, but the weight of the added exoskeleton is."

P. 42. The Aging sidebar should read, "Anyone receiving civilized medical care at TL8 does not start making their aging rolls until they reach a natural age of 70. The increases in frequency for aging rolls that normally fall at 70 and 90 years of age are also set back by 20 years each."

P. 44. Under Bionics, change the last sentence of the first paragraph to, "At TL9, this time is 2 weeks, at TL10+, 1 week."

P. 44. The costs for installing bionic parts have been changed for consistency with the better rules in GURPS Cyberpunk: "The operation to attach a part costs $20,000 ($30,000 for an eye) unless stated otherwise for a particular device. This price is halved at TL9, but is not reduced any further at higher TLs."

P. 45. Point cost for a bionic hand is 1/8 the amount that it would normally cost the character to increase his stat to the level given by the hand. For an arm, cost is 1/4 the normal point cost to increase the stat to that level.

P. 45. Cost of a bionic leg is 10 points if the GM is using points for bionics.

P. 46. When installing bionic parts, the roll is against the lower of Surgery and Electronics (bionics).

P. 46. If the GM is charging points for bionic parts, a hidden compartment costs 1 point and a weapon mount costs 5 points.

P. 47. Under Repairs to Bionic Parts,a part is destroyed and must be replaced if it receives twice times the damage needed to cripple it (not 5 times).

P. 52. Under Flamers, the roll to unseal armor should be at -1 for every 10 DR the target location has, not -1 for every 5. The next paragraph should refer to -1/10 DR, not to -1/5.

P. 55. Each splat gun load weighs 8 lbs.

P. 58. For holographic pictures, the film pack takes 20 stills (not 3,000) and costs $200 (not $25). The cost to develop this film is again $200 (not $25).

P. 58. The computer disks for holocams at TL10+ hold 40 very-high-quality pictures or 50,000 TV-quality pictures, per gigabyte. See Software, p. 10 for disk capacity at various TLs.

P. 63. Both the respirator and the reducing respirator have a short-range communicator as standard equipment, and this is included in the given price and weight.

P. 64. In the sidebar, Suspended Animation, it takes 1 hour to put someone into freeze or take them out (not 1 minute).

P. 65. The usual cost of automedic use is $3,000 per day. At TL10, they are 500 pounds, 3 cy. At TL11+, 400 pounds, 2 cy. The cost remains the same.

P. 66. The apparent age of a clone is usually about 25 years, however, any age could be requested.

P. 67. Placing an implant requires successful rolls on Surgery and Electronics (Bionics) skills.

P. 73. Under Paralysis Guns, when a character is paralyzed, psi powers can be used at -1.

P. 86. Under Intruder Suit, add: "The wearer of an intruder suit or intruder armor is at -5 to be hit; this is not cumulative with the -3 penalty to be hit for chameleon armor (p. 77), if both systems are installed."

P. 90. In the TL 11Ultra-Tech Soldier sidebar, the reference to seeker missiles should be to brilliant missiles.

P. 90. Under the Electron Rifle sidebar, add after the first paragraph, "Electron rifles (and pistols) on blast setting can fire hotshots. Each shot does 1.5 times normal damage but uses 4 charges."

P. 93. A cybersuit's backpack also includes "a D-cell, good for a day of operation without sunlight," rather than "a day's backup supply of air."

P. 97. Sensa-Skin Neutralizer should say that each spray will loosen a three-inch-square patch (or less) and that each tube has 10 sprays.

P. 98. The sidebar on Force Beams should refer to "the smaller holdout-sized (+1 to holdout) force rod" (its name on the weapon table on p. 125) rather than to "force beamer."

P. 101. The sidebar Total Panimmunity is missing the sentence, "Level-2 panimmunity gives +8 to HT to resist any disease. If it is not universal, cost is $5,000 (and, optionally, 5 points)."

P. 103. Under TL13 Weapons, the sidebar referenced in the first sentence is on p. 104.

P. 111. Under tachyonic disruptors, delete the line "No armor worn under the screen protects!" – armor actually protects at 1/10 DR, as shown on the weapon table on p. 126.

P. 121. Under Police and Security Equipment, the listing for Neuronic Handcuffs (described on p. 80) is missing. It should be Weight 1/4, Cost $200*, LC 2, TL 10, Page 80.

P. 124. The first two headings on the Implants table continued from p. 123 should read "Cost" and "Operation Cost," not "Weight" and "Cost."

P. 124. Ablative armor should be listed as costing $300 and weighing 40 pounds. The costs and weights on this table are for full suits.

P. 125. Under Acc, the reference should be to p. B115.

P. 126. The Nerve Pistol has 30/C shots, not 10/B.

P. 126. The Hvy. X-laser Pistol is Legality Class 0, not 1.

P. 126. The Military Dinosaur Graser weighs 10 pounds.

P. 126. The M-LAWS weighs 35 pounds and has a RoF of 1.

P. 126. Add Mini-GL, malf. crit.; type: Spcl.; Dam: Spcl. SS 10; Acc. 7; 1/2D –; Max 500; Wt. 4; RoF 1; Shots 3; Rcl. 0; Cost $1,000; LC 0; TL 8; Page 26.

P. 126. Splat gun damage is 5d (10).

Back Cover: Psi Amplifiers, and other psi-tech material, are not in the book – they appear in GURPS Psionics. We had to cut the whole section in order to keep the book at 128 pages – and we didn't change the back cover. Apologies.