Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Ultra-Tech (Second Edition Revised, First Printing) – Updated July 13, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 15. Under Exoskeletons [TL8+], the reference to vacc suits is p. 25.

P. 29. Replace the last three paragraphs under Using Computers with these:

The number of programs that can be run is based on Complexity: a computer can run two programs of its own Complexity, or 20 programs of one Complexity lower, and so on. This can be combined; for instance, a computer could run one program of its own Complexity and ten programs of one lower Complexity level.

A Complexity 6 computer can run two Complexity 6 programs, or 20 Complexity 5 programs, or 200 Complexity 4 programs, or 2,000 complexity 3 programs, or 200,000 Complexity 1 programs – all at once! Since most programs are Complexity 4 or less, this makes for a powerful machine.

P. 50. Under Gatling Laser [TL9+], the CIWS is a +10 targeting system.

P. 64. Under Laser Sight [TL7+], replace the sentence "It gets 200 shots on a B cell." with "It runs on an AA cell."

P. 74. Under Infantry Combat Armor, legs and feet are given PD 6, DR 50.

P. 121. In the Explosives and Grenades table, PLASTEX costs $20.

P. 122. In the Security Systems table, the page reference for Paralysis Grid is p. 90.

P. 125. Under Beam Weapons (Laser), the Laser Pistol should have RoF 4 and the Laser Rifle should have RoF 8.

Under Beam Weapons (Sonic), the Stunner should have SS 10.

P. 126. Under Gunner [Missile], the weight of the Portable Missile Launcher is 15.