Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Uplift (First Edition) – Updated December 18, 2007

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 5. Under Suggested Reading add Brightness Reef to the series. Delete the last sentence of the first paragraph.

The new address for CONTACT is 1412 Potomac Ave. SE, Washington DC 20003.

P. 7, sidebar. While there is in fact no central galaxy, the residents of the Milky Way occasionally call it "Central."

P. 17. Amphibious costs 10 points. Doesn't Breathe costs 20 points. Doesn't Eat or Drink is 10 points. Extra Hit Points are 5 points each.

P. 18. Increased ST is replaced with Enhanced ST.

Nictating Membrane costs 10 points per level.

Sonar Vision gives a +2 to Diagnosis, not to any medical skill.

P. 19. Ultrasonic Hearing costs 5 points (or 0 if it is the race's sole form of hearing).

P. 21. Under Modified Strength delete the sentence "This ST must be bought normally, not as the Enhanced ST advantage."

Replace the text under Feet Manipulators with:

Any limb which can manipulate should be purchased as a short Extra Arm (5 points) with Nuisance Effect: Temporary Disadvantage (Legless while using Extra Arms, -35%), for 4 points. This means that if a person with feet manipulators is using his feet as arms, he can't walk or run; he can sit still, float (in space or liquid) or fly, of course.

P. 22. One Fine Manipulator costs -15 points. Manual Dexterity costs 3 points per level. Reduced Manual Dexterity costs -3 points per level.

Under Manual Dexterity and Reduced Manual Dexterity, change "DX," to "DX, or IQ in some cases,".

Under Aquatic, change the density of water to 62.4 lbs.

P. 24. Short Lifespan costs -10 per level.

P. 26. Sonic Blast costs 20 points. Lightning costs 20 points.

P. 27. Damage Resistance costs 3/2/1/.5/.25 points per level vs. everything/common attacks/occassional attacks/rare attacks/very rare attacks, respectively.

P. 31. Major Patrons have Racial Status 5. Change the reference to a Major Patron in the second paragraph on the page to a Powerful Patron.

Pp. 32, 45. Humanity actually has two reputations. There is a general distaste for the "wolflings" (-1 reaction modifier, effective galaxy-wide, -10 points). Among fanatics, however, humans are virtual pariahs (-4 reaction, offends conservatives on a roll of 10-.) These total -20 points, which when combined with Terra's poverty give humans -22 points of racial disadvantages.

P. 39. Typo: Jacob Demwa was born about 290 years ago, not 210 years ago.

P. 43. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for the Brothers of the Night, Amphibious now costs 10. Add Gills (10 points). DR1 Fur costs 3 points. Two extra arms cost 20 points. Reduced Manual Dexterity x2 costs -6 points. Males are 92 points, females are 85 points.

Under Advantages and Disadvantages for the Garthlings, Males have ST 11/22 (Natural limitation on 12+) for 72 points. T14/18 is 65 points. DR1 Fur is 3 points. Short Lifespan ×1 is -10 points. Males are 37 points. Females have ST 10/20 (Natural limitation on 11+) for 66 points. HT13/16 is 45 points. DR1 Fur is 3 points. Females are 2 points.

P. 46. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for J'8lek, DR1 Fur is 3 points. J'8lek are 51 points.

P. 47. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Jophur, Short Lifespan ×2 is -20 points. PD1/DR2 is 31 points. Jophur are -5 points.

P. 50. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Neo-Chimpanzees, DR1 is 3 points. Neo-Chimpanzees are -1 points.

P. 51. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Neo-Dolphins, Tursiops' HT11/16 is 35 points. Tursiops are 14 points. Stenos' HT13/18 is 55 points. Stenos are 25 points.

P. 53. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Soro, HT14/16 is 55 points. Delete "but are Impulsive (10 points)" – both males and females are Impulsive. PD1/DR1 is 28 points. Females are 165 points. Males are 150 points.

Pp. 53-54. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Synthians, DR1 Fur is 3 points. Synthians are 12 points.

P. 55. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Tandu, PD1/DR2 is 31 points. Cold-Blooded is -10 points. Warriors are 69 points. Workers are 71 points. Leaders are 75 points.

Pp. 55-56. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Thennanin, DR1 is 3 points. Thennanins are 88 points.

Pp. 57-58. Under Advantages and Disadvantages for Wazoon, ST -5 is -40 points. Short Lifespan is -20 points. Wazoon are -27 points. Change "DX 13" to "DX +3". Change "HT 7/5 (-30 points)" to "HT 7 (-20 points) and Reduced Hit Points -2 (-10 points)".

P. 58. In the description of the Zang, the introductory paragraph should end with a reference to "descendants," not "decedents."

P. 59. Neo-dogs have the Responsive personality trait, not "Empathetic." (This was an earlier name for the same trait.)

P. 62. No "species creation worksheet" was necessary.

In the "Seashore" option under Home environment, Amphibious should be 9-18, not 9-10.

P. 65. Under Metabolism, the reference for Cold-Blooded is p. 23, not p. 18.

The headers in the table are off. The last header is "Weight/Size Increment". Shift all others one column to the right.

Delete the reference to Increased Strength for Huge and Giant races.

P. 66. In the Reproductive Strategy table, the first entry should be "0 or less".

P. 68. In the Radially Symmetrical Posture table, the last entry should be "6-8".

Under Hands and Feet, Centauroids have two to four handling limbs.

In the Handling Limbs modifiers, delete Horizontal -1. Horizontal races do not use the Handling Limbs table.

P. 69. Body Coverings are described on p. 27, not after the tables.

Roll 3 dice on the Special Integument Chart. The first entry is for rolls 3-8. Delete entry 10. Armor plates is the result for 10-11. Change "Soft Carapace" to "Carapace". Treat cork or "barky" covering as Thick Hide.

P. 70. In the first table, there is a sub-table for ordinary voice boxes. The second entry is for rolls 2-5, not 3-5. The 8+ entry is for the main table, not the sub-table.

In the Special Visual Powers table, Nictating Membrane should be 5-6.

P. 72. Under Psionic Talents, Luck should have had two asterisks.

P. 76. Under Hands, Running hooves to hands has an uplift cost of 20. Cloven hooves to hands has an uplift cost of 15.

P. 77. Under 'Special Cases,' races which are Struggling have -1 levels of racial wealth. Comfortable races have +1 level of racial wealth; Wealthy races have +2 levels of racial wealth.

P. 80. Under Damage, change "8d+2" to "8d".

P. 90. Change the last sentence in the paragraph under the chart to read "There are no E-level drives; any FTL drive allows a ship to enter that mad realm."

P. 92. Under Antimatter Drive, the drive must have a dedicated antimatter plant – not a planet! One letter makes a difference . . .

P. 106. Due to a printer error, the jumplines were omitted from the map. Use this map instead. The map on p. 106 may be used in non-Uplift campaigns where jumplines don't exist. At 0/12/118, Doimil should be Doimil (K7kakk).

P. 117. Kauyoon's Location is Ehbu'chi'u 9/-3/-77.

Back Cover. Change "the upcoming novel (working title Sooners)" to "Brightness Reef".