Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Vehicles (Second Edition, Second Printing) – Updated July 11, 2001

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 9. Under Turrets, note that the restrictions on turret placement do not apply to space vehicles.

P. 40. In the last sentence of Parachronic Conveyers, the projector installation is city-block-sized (or the size of a city block).

P. 43. In the Mechanical Artillery and Guns Table, the TL6 7.62mm MG has a VPS of 0.00037.

P. 55.The following errata is incorrect; delete it:

In the Sound Intensity Table, range should triple at each increase of 10 dB, not double.

P. 91. In the Emission Cloaking paragraph, replace "noise," with "non-acoustic noise (such as EM emissions),".

P. 108. In the Cost Per Shot (CPS) example, divide by Tl(1) rather than multiplying by Tl(1), as correctly indicated in the CPS formula.

P. 125. Add the following to the end of the asterisked note underneath the formula in Damage (Dam.): "If output is over 1,000,000 kJ substitute [10 × (cube root of O)] for (square root of O)."

P. 129. Add the following paragraph as the penultimate paragraph:

Motive System: Animal-powered vehicles with 2 wheels set side by side (such as carriages or chariots) should use the entry for 3 Wheels, as the animal serves as a third wheel when considering the balance of the vehicle.

P. 135. In the first table, change the right hand column of the Very Good streamlining entry to "740 mph †". After the table add the following paragraph: "† Except lifting bodies."

P. 149. In the Rolls paragraph, replace the last sentence with, "Anyone strapped into cycle seats also takes this amount of damage; harnessed animals and anyone in a cycle seat and not strapped in is thrown out of the vehicle (see p. B135 for damage to harnessed animals)."

P. 167. Under Radiation Protection in the sidebar, replace the second sentence with: "A vehicle with an enclosed body, and heavy armor (DR100+ laminate or metal) or a force screen, has a natural radiation protection factor (PF)."

P. 170. In the last paragraph, May Be Spoofed, change "unless it was built at TL9+" to "unless it was built at TL10+".