Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Vehicles (Second Edition, Third Printing) – Updated December 18, 2004

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

With the release of GURPS Space, Third Edition, some page references have changed. On p. 68, in the Automed entry, change the Space reference from S70 to S96.

P. 45. Under Stabilization Gear, append the following to the end of Full Stabilization: "and Acc is not reduced beyond 1/2D range."

P. 55. The following errata is in error; delete it:

In the Sound Intensity Table, range should triple at each increase of 10 dB, not double.

P. 88. In the Kitty Hawk example, 3,600 multiplied by 43.25 should come out to 155,700. The other figures are correct.

P. 108. In the Cost Per Shot (CPS) example, divide by Tl(1) rather than multiplying by Tl(1), as correctly indicated in the CPS formula.

P. 133. In the second paragraph under Crush Depth, add "by 0.1 for a super-light frame," to the second sentence.

P. 177. In the sidebar under Weapons Fire From Moving Vehicles:, add a * next to "Fully stabilized weapon . . . +3". At the bottom of the sidebar, add a note: "* negates Acc loss beyond 1/2D range".

P. 208. The Warp Drives page reference should be 39, not 51.