Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Vikings (Second Edition) – Updated March 3, 2003

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. On the cover page, the playtester list should have been carried over from first edition; it was accidentally omitted. Remove the testers listed and use:

Andy Blum, Marcellus Cadd, Chris Cosper, Michael S. Fox, Jonas Kalsson, Scott P. Maykrantz, Tim McGoughy, William B. Rhodes, Tony Ridlon, Bob Schroeck, Daniel W. Thibault, Todd A. Woods, Steven T. Zieger.

P. 30. Under the Priest, Pagan template disadvantages, change "Duty (to deity, 12 or less) [-10]" to "Duty (to deity, 9 or less) [-5]". Raise the template point cost to 60.

P. 31. Under the Warrior/Berserker template, drop Savoir-Faire from the background skills. Lower the template point cost to 74.

P. 84. Under the Alvar template, change the Ally advantage to Ally Group. Change the point value of Dependency from -10 to -25. Change the template point cost to 224/194 (the Dying Race disadvantage was mistakenly applied to both versions instead of only the Christian period).

P. 85. Under the Dwarf template, change "Armoury/TL3 (M/A) DX+2 [8]" to "Armoury/TL3 (M/A) IQ+2 [6]"; "Blacksmith/TL3 (M/A) DX+3 [16]" to "Blacksmith/TL3 (M/A) IQ+3 [8]"; and "Jeweler/TL3 (M/H) DX+1 [8]" to "Jeweler/TL3 (M/H) IQ+1 [6]". Change the point totals from "33/43/103" to "21/31/91".

Under the Troll template, lower the ST +6 cost to 70 points. Lower the template point cost from "99/69" to "89/59".

P. 86. Under Cliff Trolls, change the last sentence to read: "Add the following racially learned skills to the template above: Stealth (DX+3) [16]; Climbing (DX+3) [16]".