Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Warehouse 23 (First Printing) – Updated October 11, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 44. Under The Green Grimoire in the Warehouse, in the third paragraph change the reference for Thaumatology to "(see p. CI149)."

P. 46. Under Powers of the Skull, delete the last paragraph (about "Characters using Black Magic . . .").

P. 48. Under Notes and Crossovers for the Crystal Bell, the new owners are more likely (not less) to be ignorant of the old owner.

P. 53. Under Martian War Machine, in the second paragraph change "(see The Cryptozoo, p. 91)" to "(see Martians, p. 98)."

P. 64. Under The Devolvo Ray, change the reference in the sixth paragraph to "see GURPS Ice Age or GURPS Dinosaurs."

Under Notes and Crossovers for the Devolvo Ray, change "The Museum of Anachronistic Technology" to "The Gallery of Anachronistic Technology."

P. 72. In the last sentence, change the page reference to pp. 106-109.

Pp. 93-94. Cigar Angels are missing the special notes for PD/DR, Damage, and Reach. Add these paragraphs:

PD/DR: The cigar angels are semi-solid; they are only affected by explosions (which can disrupt their fragile meta-structure) and "hot" energy attacks, against which they have no PD or DR at all. Things such as bullets and rockets don't harm them at all (at least, it would take a concentrated battery several minutes to have any noticeable effect). They Greys apparently have an energy weapon designed specifically to disrupt them.

Damage and Reach: The cigar angels have no physical attack, but they can envelop other living things within their soupy, floating bodies. Such immersion is unsafe for anyone who needs to breathe (treat as smoke inhalation, p. B132 – and any kind of enclosed breathing system provides total protection). The interior of the cigar angels is murky and dark (Vision -9), but apparently such closeness facilitates the creatures' telepathy. For this reason, they have occasionally accidentally suffocated those they wished to contact peacefully. Those emerging from the cigar angel will be covered with "angel hair" which will dissolve with time.

P. 96. Gojira first appeared in 1954.

P. 98. Under Martians, change the page reference in the first sentence to p. 51.

P. 103. Under Conspiracy Theory Skill, fourth paragraph, delete "both a Social Skill and" – it is only a Scientific Skill.

P. 104. In game terms, Forteanism is a specialization of Hidden Lore (p. CI147). Replace the first sentence of the last paragraph in the sidebar with this one: "Hidden Lore (Forteanism) is a Knowledge Skill, and defaults to IQ-6."

In the last paragraph under Forteanism, the page reference is p. 105.

P. 115. Under Editing, Compiling, Debugging . . ., Psychoviruses, replace "Mind Control roll (on default from Psychology, if necessary)" with "Psychology roll."

P. 121. In the Illuminated Timeline, move the entries for 1783 and 1818 into chronological order.

P. 128. In the Waterbug index entry, change the page reference to 12-13.