Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Who's Who 1 – Updated September 23, 2003

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Throughout. Characters in this book with Philosophy skill should correctly have a specialization noted. In each case, they may be assumed to specialize in the prevailing school of thought of their home region and era.

P. 24. Under Skills, change "Riding (Horse)-14" to Riding (Horse, Stirrupless)-14."

P. 46. Under Disadvantages, change "Intolerance (Heresy)" to "Intolerance (Heretics)."

P. 60. Under Advantages, change "Reputation +2 (To Florentines)" to "Reputation +2 (To Florentines; as a great artist)."

P. 78. Total Points is 314½.

Under Skills, replace "Theology (Catholic)-20 [6]" with "Theology (Catholic)-14/20 [1]."

P. 96. GURPS Low-Tech now provides rules for the iKlwa. For consistency, delete Shortsword from Shaka Zulu's Skills section, lower the Spear skill to "Spear-18 [24]," and raise his point total to 306½ points.

Also, under Equipment, change the first sentence of the third paragraph to:

The iKlwa (or Iklwa) developed by Shaka was a very short one-handed spear, as detailed in GURPS Low-Tech, p. 109. It does thr+2 damage with Reach 1, and cannot be thrown effectively.

P. 122. Under Advantages, replace "Reputation +2 (Among writers/readers of weird fiction)" to "Reputation +2 (Among writers/readers of weird fiction; as an innovative and talented writer)."