Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS World War II (First Printing) – Updated December 2, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 6. Please disregard the previous erratum for p. 6; the sentence refers to the investigation rather than the assassination.

P. 24. Under The Afrika Korps Triumphant, Operation Crusader was launched November 18, not 28.

P. 46. Under Commendations, the Order of Lenin was attached to the first award of a Hero of the Soviet Union after 1936. It was not awarded again for second and subsequent awards of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

P. 74. Under Secondary Skills, increase the Artilleryman's NBC Warfare skill from "[1/2]-9" to "[1]-10"; this brings the template up to the listed 50 points.

P. 90. Under Police and Spy Tools, knockout drops should say "See p. CII164", not "See Barbituates."

P. 93. Under Machine Guns, AWt. for the ZB vz. 26 and 30 should be 1.8.

P. 97. In the MG42 entry, change the beginning of the third sentence so it reads "An Armoury roll in a gunsmith's workshop could convert . . ." (Such a modification cannot be made in the field.)

Pp. 110-116. The aMRs (aerial Manuever Ratings) and aDecels (aerial Deceleration Ratings) of all the planes except the Stuka should be doubled. (They were calculated based on having one wing . . .)

The Stuka has been redesigned with Light Fighter-Bomber wings. This changes the following statistics:

The Stuka may now benefit from the dive-bombing rules (p. W155) with up to a 1,000-lb. bomb load.

P. 111. The Me 109E-3 Emil carried MG-FFs (20mm Short Aircraft Autocannons), not MG151/20 autocannons. The G series carried all three primary weapons in the body.

P. 114. Clarification: The six Aircraft LMGs carried by the Ju 87 Stuka D-4 were MG 81s, which have a higher RoF than the generic Aircraft LMG.

P. 126. The cost of a Medium Destroyer hull with Mediocre Lines is $51K.

P. 128. On the table under Add Transmissions, the missing helicopter transmission Thrust multiplier should be ×1.6.

P. 131. Note: The German 88mm FlaK18, FlaK36 AA, and U.S. 90mm M-2 AA guns should use the statistics for the 88mm Long Tank Gun in Iron Cross if that book is available. Otherwise, the listed statistics are close approximations.

P. 133. Under Weapon Accessories, the stats for the Universal Mount and Casemate Mount should be: VSPs 1, Weight 250, Cost $500.

P. 134. Under Tank and Antitank Guns, increase the 88mm Medium Tank Gun's HE Damage to 6d × 4.

P. 138. Clarification: Pontoons are already sealed.

P. 147. Under Flotation Rating, submarines should also add the VSPs of their sealed subassemblies to this calculation. Design Tip: For submersible hulls that fall between the standard chassis sizes, superstructures can represent the "saddlebag" style of ballast tank and thus customized flotation rating.

P. 152. Under Ground Loss of Control, the paragraph describing "roll" (the one that begins "The vehicle turns 90°") is not labeled as such. Add "Roll: " to the start of the paragraph.

P. 153. Under Dive! Surface! the basic time required to submerge should be 5 seconds plus 1 second per 30 tons of loaded weight. This is another deviation from GURPS Vehicles (see p. 142 for others), meant to better reflect historical performance.

P. 159. The base modifier in the fourth paragraph of FUBAR should be -12, not 12.