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Frag of the Dead

Playing Frag with Floor Plans 1: Haunted House

by Jeff Fournier

Game Components Needed

Fighter Design

Fighters are designed using the standard Frag rules.


Place all Zombies, cultists, and the single cult leader, anywhere on the floor plan spaced so no figure is within 6 squares of the front door.

Zombies have a 1 in all stats and can only attack for 1d of damage to targets in adjacent spaces. They may not use weapons, cannot respawn and must move directly to the closest hero in line of sight. If no hero is in sight they do not move.

Cultists have 2d in every stat and all have knives (range 1 3d damage unlimited ammo). If you frag a cultist a gear or weapon card appears on the spot they died on a 4-6 (check once for gear once for weapon). You cannot pick up their knives and get no med pack unless you draw one. When all cards are in play or possessed by a player no new cards appear until a empty weapon or used up gear goes back to the draw pile. Cultists do not respawn but cannot pick up dropped weapon/gear cards. If no cultists are used start the group of heroes with one weapon and gear card each but they get no reloads when they run out inside. (In this variant a dropped weapon does not become full up after it hits the ground.)

The heroes place their figures outside the front door to the mansion. Their first turn they may enter the mansion and the game begins.

Playing the Game

Play proceeds as normal for Frag standard rules except for those exceptions mentioned previously and:

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