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Updated December 5, 2023

I get one of each type of card during setup. How can I get additional Special cards during play?

A fighter receives a Special card every time he scores a frag (unless it's his final, game-winning frag, in which case the game ends).

If you frag someone with No Carrier, or if you frag yourself, do you still draw a Special card?

No, you only draw a Special card when you would score a frag. (Which leads us to our next question . . . )

If a puppeter kills a player, perhaps by making them walk through a hazard, does he score a frag?


When someone is fragged, just which cards go where? Is there a distinction between cards-in-hand and cards-on-the-table, or do all Weapon and Gadget cards leave the player's control?

Cards in your hand stay will in your hand. (Getting fragged messes only with those cards you have in play.) Weapon cards in play get "dropped" onto the board/map; Gadget cards in play get discarded. Any Special cards you had in play remain in play and continue functioning as usual.

If my fighter is wearing armor, does that add to my Health for purposes of rolling dice?

Yes. If your Health is 4 and you're wearing Light Armor (+1 to Health), you would roll 5 dice for defense.

I have a character with 3 Health, and I play Adrenaline Surge. At the end of my next turn, do I subtract 3 Health (bringing me to zero), or does it just mean all wounds accrued remain?

It is the latter. You are essentially subtracting the "Bonus Health" that it gives, due to its temporary nature. If your fighter hasn't lost any Health points, then subtracting the 3 Health brings them right back to their beginning Health.

With the Trick Fire card, does "extra Health loss" refer to the extra damage that some weapon cards inflict (such as the Missile Launcher), or does it refer to the Health loss sustained by a successful hit?

The latter. You should halve the dice you roll for damage, then add half the "extra Health loss" from the weapon. Round up if necessary.

Regarding cards like Assume Control and Lag, and the "start of a player's movement," does a player's movement begin (a) when he rolls for movement, or (b) when he actually begins moving (i.e. possibly after picking up an item and/or shooting at someone)?

When he rolls for movement. If a player has been fragged, his turn starts when he respawns. If you do not play the card before he respawns, then you have allowed his turn to begin, and you may no longer play any "Play at the beginning . . ." cards.

What happens when your Health decreases through damage? Do you start dropping weapon cards? If yes, then what if you're wounded but can heal the damage immediately? Do you still drop weapon cards? Also, if you drop weapon cards when your health decreases, how does Game Hack: Keep the Stuff work?

You start dropping weapons when your Health decreases, but not if you can heal the damage immediately – with a Medkit, for example. In this case, the Keep the Stuff card would allow you to keep the cards you had in play right before you were fragged, but not equipment you might have lost through earlier Health losses.

What happens if you play Game Hack: Insubstantial (may move through walls and other obstacles), and you end your move on a diagonal wall? Do you have to declare which side of the wall you're on?

Yes, you have to declare what side of the wall you are on. You cannot be inside the wall.

Can you play gadget cards (such as Improved Targeting, Over/Under, etc.) on your default pistol?

Yes. Any of those gadget cards must be discarded when the player is fragged, however.

While using Assume Control on someone, it says that I "can stop and let them shoot." Does this mean if I don't want to, I don't have to let him shoot?

Correct. You decide if, when, and where they stop and shoot.

When you discard Over/Under after a frag, do the weapons stay linked?

No. Gadgets are discarded, so the two weapons separate.

If I use the Over/Under card to link a Tranq Pistol with an Electromagnetic Gun, do I get the +5D to accuaracy?

Yes. However, this combo is very difficult to get, and it will make you a very popular target.

Is there an official mailing list for Frag?

Yes; it's on Yahoo Groups. However, we'd prefer it if you used the Board and Dice Games section of our Forums instead.

Can you play a Medpack on another player?

No. Medpacks and blood points are only usable by the character that has them.

Does the phrase "cure it instantly with cards" mean that you can play only those cards that restore lost Health, such as Medpacks?

No, "Cards" means any card that increases Health.

When picking up a weapon dropped by a recent fraggee, do you still have to make a successful 50/50 roll (4-6), or is it an automatic pickup?

It is an automatic pickup.

The text on Energy Reflector begins, "Play during any attack." Must this be played immediately after the attack is declared, or can it be played after the attacker rolls to hit?

Anytime up through after a hit but before the damage roll.

The card Enhanced Damage says: "All your weapon attacks roll double the usual number of dice." This is unclear. How should it read?

All damage rolls use double the normal dice. So if your weapon would normally roll 7d, you instead get to roll 14d.

What if more than one Enhanced Damage card is played? Does each one double the number of dice again, or do two doubles become a triple instead?

It's binary; each card doubles. So, theoretically, if you could get three (!) of these cards into play at the same time, they would collectively octuple (!!) your damage dice, making that 7d weapon roll 56d instead . . .

If someone ends their turn next to a door (either adjacent to an orthogonal one, or in the same square as a diagonal one), and if that door would be one they could walk through, does that door stay open until they move away (i.e. until their next turn)?

Yes, provided they are not on the "wrong" side of a one-way door (or they did not unlock such a door by using the appropriate Key Card during their turn). However, if they get fragged while standing there, then they are no longer holding the door open for anyone else. (So shoot them last . . . )

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