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Greed Quest


  • 6" x 9" box
  • 168 full-color cards
  • six stand-up color figures
  • bases, map, and rulesheet

Game Design by Joseph McEvoy * Developed by Andrew Hackard
Illustrated by Phil Foglio

6" x 9" box, 168 full-color cards, six stand-up color figures, bases, map, and rulesheet.
Suggested Retail Price $29.95 * Stock number 1435 * UPC 080742096721
In Production

Greed Is Good!

. .  . and there's treasure to be won, so what are you waiting for? Three to six players race to the bottom of the dungeon to grab The Hoard. Now all you have to do is get out with it .  .  . but everyone else is between you and the exit!

Each player has his own deck of cards that control movement. Bluff, scheme, and strategize your way to the head of the pack .  .  . but some cards will change the rules when you least expect it!

This is a fast, unpredictable game, easy to learn and fun for all ages, with lots of quick replay value. And it's illustrated by Phil Foglio!


  • Download the rules (in PDF format).
  • See the card list.
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