Roleplayer #11, August 1988

In This Issue

Ultra Tech Wants You
Basic Set, Third Edition
Short Notes
Secrets: A New Disadvantage for GURPS
GURPS Options
Using (and Abusing) Eidetic Memory
One Solar System? What Good is That?
New for GURPS
Coming Attractions

Space is out! This issue features a great out-take from this, our biggest worldbook yet, as well as our invitation for you to contribute to the Space gadget-book, Ultra-Tech.

Also in this issue are a preview of the new Third Edition of the Basic Set, a new disadvantage, a new creature (which works very well for either a SF or fantasy campaign) and more hints on character design from playtester extraordinaire Walter Milliken.

New Editor. Jeff George has resigned from the staff to try his hand at full-time writing (good luck, Jeff!) – so this issue was edited by Steve Jackson and Stephen Beeman.

Passing the Baton. After nearly 10 years of running this company myself, I've finally been able to hand the Old Maid to somebody else. As of August 8, Sharleen Lambard is President of Steve Jackson Games. She has worked in every single department of the company, from Mail Order to Editorieal. She knows what's going on around here. So she's in charge now.

And me? I'm demoting myself to what I'm good at: Editor-in-Chief, Head of R&D, Chief Skunk at the Skunk Works . . . whatever you want to call it. I will write, edit, and work with writers and editors. The reason I started this company, and the thing I care most about, is the quality of the product. Now I'm back in a position where I can keep my hands on all that, all the time. I'm looking forward to it.

– Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson, Stephen Beeman

Assistant Editor
Lisa Smith

GURPS System Developer
David Ladyman

Managing Editor
Ken Trobaugh

Art Director
Guy Burchack

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
Emy Roome

Circulation Manager
Creede Lambard

Art in this issue
Guy Burchak, p. 7;
Dan Carrol, p. 7;
Dan Willems, p. 2

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