Roleplayer #11, August 1988

GURPS Options

You like GURPS, but you think it can be better. You love to tinker. Nothing is ever just right. We know you're out there, because we hear from you often. Well, here's your chance to have your way. We're starting an irregular list of suggested options or changes. Some of these will come from the Illuminati Bulletin Board, where this sort of discussion goes on all the time. None of these are official. If you think you like one, try it in your campaign and let us know how it plays. Some of these may become official, so if you find one that you love, or hate, be sure to let us know – your opinion could make the difference.

Highly skilled characters roll one critical miss (an 18) for every four misses (a 17 or 18) that they roll. This seems out of proportion. Why not allow characters with skill 16+, on rolls that are not modified below a 16, to avoid the critical effects of a critical miss if they can make a second skill roll at -10?

– Erol Bayburt

Have you considered allowing a wizard to trade energy for skill under conditions of normal spell-casting? For mages in Caithness, this would be greatly appreciated as it would allow a wizard to bum more energy per spell for an improved chance of success. How about +4 to skill for double the energy? (And maybe -4 to skill for half the energy?)

– James Simpson

In combat, how about trading skill for damage? The more skillful you are, the more you know about hurting your opponent. A -2 to skill could give + 1 to damage, -5 giving +2, -9 giving +3, and each additional -5 giving another + 1. Even if you don't agree with the numbers, what about the concept?

– Several gamers

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