Roleplayer #13, February 1989

Up Harzburk! Recalled

Up Harzburk!, the GURPS solo adventure shipped in early December, contains several errors and typos – enough to make the game nearly unplayable. The errors are not the fault of the author, but were introduced in the editing and production process. We've made staff changes to insure that these problems don't happen again.

We're recalling Up Harzburk! because it's not a product we want associated with our company. We'll be fixing the book and re-releasing it later (without mistakes)!

Distributors will receive full credit for copies returned to us by April 30, 1989. If retail stores have any difficulty with returning the products they can contact us directly – we'll try to help iron out any difficulties. If your store does not accept your return, send it to us by April 30 for a replacement $7.95 product of your choice. Please return your copies promptly; it will help us to guarantee that our products are the best we can make them. Thank you for your continued interest in GURPS!

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