Roleplayer #14, June 1989


A few months ago, we asked readers for suggestions for the upcoming Ultra-Tech book . . . and the response was great. So we're doing it again! We are planning a GURPS Space supplement . . . a sequel to the Bestiary, with hundreds of science-fiction creatures. And we want YOUR suggestions. Got a beastie you like? Send it in!

Like the original Bestiary, it will be divided into chapters by environment. It will cover not only the types of terrain found on earth, but also vacuum, gas-giant planets, heavy gravity, light gravity, and possibly other inhospitable (to humans) environments. The ground rules:

(1) Creatures do not have to be absolutely unique and original; there's nothing new under any sun. But they shouldn't be stolen. Creatures that are obviously taken entirely from someone else's book or game will be rejected!

On the other hand, if your favorite book has a beasty you like, and you adapt and change it in a believable and interesting way, then you have put creative effort into your submission, and that's what we want to see. However, if you do this, tell us what the original source was, so we can make our own decision as to whether you've added enough original effort.

(2) If we get duplicate submissions, we'll use the first one we receive. But when we get several similar submissions, we may combine features from more than one in the final book.

(3) All submissions become property of SJ Games and none can be returned.

(4) Any submission that is used, even in part, will earn its author credit in the front of the book. Anyone who gets three or more creatures accepted substantially as submitted will get a copy of the book when it appears – autographed by the editors, with out thanks! Anyone who sends in a huge number of usable submissions will impress us appropriately, and we'll find a fitting way to show our appreciation.

(5) All submissions must follow the template below. This gives the necessary minimum information for an animal in GURPS terms. If more information is necessary to let players and GMs deal with a particular creature, give it!


Physical description (with a sketch!) and habits.

Special attacks or other abilities, including game mechanics.

Remember to give the source if you have based your creature on something from science fiction literature – and remember not to copy!

For examples, see the Bestiary, or the creature descriptions in the Space Atlas books. You should not submit anything until you've looked at these examples!

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