Roleplayer #14, June 1989

In This Issue

A Bigger Roleplayer
Short Notes
Weapons and Armor in GURPS Space: Part 1 of 2 (Mike Hurst)
Calling all Beasties
New for GURPS
Coming Attractions

Our big article this issue is Mike Hurst's in-depth look at the background of the weapons in GURPS Space.

We've also got a new project – the Space Bestiary – that all our readers are invited to participate in; news about some big changes you'll see in the next Roleplayer; and information about new and upcoming products.

Lisa A. Smith and Steve Jackson

Managing Editor
Ken Trobaugh

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
Carl Manz
Charlie Wiedman

Cover Art and Art Direction
Charlie Wiedman

Melinda Spray and Lisa A. Smith

Circulation Manager
Norman Banduch

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