Roleplayer #14, June 1989

Coming Soon: A Bigger Roleplayer!

by Steve Jackson

You probably noticed something new when you picked up this issue: a real cover, complete with a second color. That's just a hint of the changes that are coming.

Starting next issue, things will get even better. We will keep the color cover. And Roleplayer will double in size, becoming a true magazine (albeit still a small one) rather than just a newsletter. Yes, this will also double the price, but those who have already subscribed at the old $1/issue rate will get all the issues they expected.

And if things go well, look for more increases in size and quality.

For at least the next few issues, I will be acting as Roleplayer editor, just to set the pattern for the new magazine format. So if you have comments or suggestions, please write directly to me. Likewise, if you have submissions, please send them in! With twice as many pages, we need twice as much material, and I want it to be good!

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