Roleplayer #15, August 1989

In This Issue

We Did It!
Short Notes
Writing Supers (Loyd Blankenship)
Weapons and Armor in GURPS Space: Part 2 of 2 (Mike Hurst)
A New Advantage: Contacts (Brian J. Underhill)
GURPS Wild Cards Preview (Mark Johnson)
Cavemen and Conquistadors (Kirk Tate)
New for GURPS
Talismans (Steffan O'Sullivan)
Conan Beyond Thunder River: From the Cutting-Room Floor (W.G. Armintrout)
Coming Attractions

Our first 16-page Roleplayer leads off with Loyd Blankenship's Supers designer article, including errata and second thoughts.

Also in this issue are designer articles on Ice Age and Conan Beyond Thunder River; a new advantage; a new class of magical devices; and information about new and upcoming products.

Steve Jackson

Managing Editor
Ken Trobaugh

Production Staff
Carl Manz
Charlie Wiedman

Cover Art and Art Direction
Charlie Wiedman

Drew Camard

Circulation Manager
Norman Banduch

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