Roleplayer #15, August 1989

GURPS Wild Cards Preview

by John Miller and Mark Johnson

Carnifex (William "Billy" Ray)

Appearance: Ray is average in height and weight (5'10", 160 lbs.) and frequently wears his "fighting suit" in public; it is a white form-fitting jumpsuit with a black hood over the face and head, black gloves and pliable black boots. His face doesn't quite come together; it has too little chin and too much nose, with green eyes that aren't quite on the same level. He keeps his dark hair short.

Ray was a college football star in the late 1970s. The general public found he was an ace when he broke his leg in three places in the first quarter of the Rose Bowl (on national TV, of course) and tried to return to the game before halftime. He was immediately recruited by the U.S. Justice Department, and has worked for them ever since. He got his nickname, Carnifex (Latin for "executioner") early in his career. He likes it. He's an authentic bad-ass. He is talkative and boastful, and not particularly stable. He likes his job because it lets him indulge his aggression in a legal matter. Someday he may go entirely over the line.

Ray is slightly stronger than normal human limits, faster than a cat and infinitely meaner. His instinctive aggression makes him an untrained master of hand-to-hand combat. The action is the thing for Carnifex. He lives for the violence, and lusts after opponents who are bigger, stronger and apparently more powerful than he. He has no compunction about killing, and has been called on the carpet several time for being a bit careless in this regard. Since he is almost always successful in his missions, and usually follows orders to the letter, his supervisors forgive his occasional excesses.

He can take a lot of damage and keep going, and his body will eventually regenerate even massive injuries. Unfortunately, his regenerative powers know nothing about aesthetics, which is why his face has become rather peculiar over the years.

Using the Variant Combat Rules on p. SU83, Carnifex gets three attacks and three parries per round.

ST: 30 (126 points); DX 22 (225 points); IQ 11 (20 points); HT 13 (30 points). Total point value: 595.

Move: 10 running. Damage: Karate 3d+3 punch, 4d+1 kick; Thrust 3d; Swing 5d+2.

Advantages: Alertness +3 (15 points); Ambidexterity (10 points); Combat Reflexes (15 points); High Pain Threshold (10 points); Legal Enforcement Powers (15 points); Reputation as a government ace: +2 (everyone, all the time) (10 points); Status 1 (5 points); Strong Will +3 (12 points).

Disadvantages: Appearance: Unattractive (-5 points); Berserk (-15 points); Duty: Uphold the law and protect Senator Hartman (-15 points); Impulsiveness (-10 points); Lecherousness (-15 points); Overconfidence (-10 points).

Super Advantages: Extra Hit Points +7 (56 points); Regeneration: Fast (50 points).

Skills: Criminology-13 (8 points); Guns (Pistol)-18 (0 points); Interrogation-12 (2 points); Karate-25 (24 points); Law-12 (8 points); Running-10 (1/2 point); Shadowing-12 (4 points); Sport (Football)-20 (1/2 point); Stealth-21 (1 point); Streetwise-12 (4 points); Tactics-16 (14 points).

Quirk: Absolutely fastidious about his appearance.

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