Roleplayer #19, April 1990

Interesting Times

by Steve Jackson

It's an old Chinese curse, and a very apt one. "May you live in interesting times." The last six weeks have been very, very interesting, and I would gladly have traded them for total boredom.

If you have heard rumors that we were raided by the Secret Service, and that they took the manuscript of GURPS Cyberpunk . . . they're true. See p.16 for the whole story. No, we're not out of business – those rumors are false – but we're hurting. Cross your fingers for us.

On a much brighter note: GURPS Cyberpunk is at the printers as I write this; it will be in stores about the time the first people read this. We've got a couple of c-punk articles in this issue, and there should be more next time. If response to this book is good, we'll add at least one big supplement to this year's schedule.

And, as you see, this issue of Roleplayer has a real cover. We didn't even have to increase the price; we're making less money on each copy, and hoping to sell a few more. It looks as though another increase in page count isn't far in the future, either! That will mean a price increase, but all the feedback so far has said "Do it!" I'm willing.

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