Roleplayer #19, April 1990

In This Issue

Interesting Times
Short Notes
Converting a Campaign to GURPS (Rich Ostorero)
New for GURPS
Realms of the Mind (Loyd Blankenship & Steve Jackson)
Psi-Amplifiers (David Pulver)
C-Punk Outtakes (Steve Jackson)
Improvisational Magic as the Only Magic (Steffan O'Sullivan)
The Michaelites (Seán Nicolson)
The Return of Triplanetary (Steve Jackson)
SJ Games Raided!
Coming Attractions

This Roleplayer features camera angles on the new GURPS Cyberpunk; an Improvisational Magic sequel to last issue's Inherent Magic article, by Steffan O'Sullivan; and a look at the lawmen of Yrth, the Michaelites. And a lot more – but we're out of space. Read and enjoy.

Steve Jackson

Managing Editor
Loyd Blankenship

Production Manager
Carl Anderson

Cover Art
Paul Mounts

Michael Barrett, Angela Bostick, Rick Lowry, Paul Mounts and Charlie Wiedman

Circulation Manager
Norman Banduch

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