Roleplayer #19, April 1990


We're now in the process of reorganizing our errata files. New errata sheets for all GURPS products will be prepared soon. Please note: We can't deal with requests for "all errata sheets," because there are so many GURPS releases out now. Please include a SASE when you write for errata, and specify which products you want errata for.

Roleplayer 18

The "Temporary Wealth" advantage, when used as described, proves to be too easy to abuse. In particular, being "temporarily" Filthy Rich for 25 points is too cheap.

GURPS Cyberpunk includes a special character-creation rule intended for the same sort of situation. A character can exchange up to 30 character points for $5,000 each, but this money must be spent on netrunning equipment or cyberwear; none of it can be saved. In a fantasy campaign, the equivalent would be horse, armor and magic items . . . and so on. Note that the cash equivalent should be adjusted for each campaign; in the cyberpunk campaign, $5,000 represents half of the standard starting wealth. Therefore, if this is used elsewhere, one point should be worth equipment equal to half the starting wealth. Comments welcome.

GURPS Special Ops

P. 41. "Royal Army" is a misnomer. This should be changed to "British Army" in the top line (only). The reference to "Royal Army School of Language" is OK.

GURPS Cyberpunk

As this is written, the book is at the printers, and we've checked proofs. We caught a few things, too small to delay the book for – so here are the advance errata.

P. 26. Under Cyberdeck Operation, the reference should be to Chapter 4.

P. 60. Under Hand Weapons, the LC heading should be LR.

P. 74. AIs can hace a Phase as low as 10. Since AIs are NPC "monsters," not intended to be fully understood by PCs, the GM assigns a Command Phase and does not have to justify it to the players! PC AIs have a Command Phase of 100.

P. 75. "Command Phase can never be lower than 100 msec" – except for AIs – see above.

p. 80. The sidebar is continued on p. 82, because p. 81 is a table.

p. 103. The penultimate sentence of the first paragraph should refer to "the individuals making the transaction."

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