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GURPS Errata Index

Last modified July 27, 2015

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Everyone makes mistakes, including us – but we do our best to fix our errors. These errata pages have been prepared by Steve Jackson Games for the convenience of its customers.

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If an item is not listed below, there are no known errata for it. If you find something wrong with an unlisted item, or you find an error which is not listed on these pages, please write and tell us! We will also do our best to answer questions about our games, provided that they are phrased in a manner which will allow for a yes-or-no reply or other brief answer. We cannot answer game questions by telephone.

Most GURPS rules questions can be answered by posting on the official GURPS forums.

When submitting errata, please ensure you have listed the proper edition and printing number. Errata for later printings and editions also apply to earlier printings and editions unless noted otherwise. To determine a book's printing, look at the row of numbers near the bottom of the title page. The lowest number is that book's printing.

New GURPS Errata – June 4, 2013

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