Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Space (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 29. In the Health Effects sidebar, delete the reference to p. 29.

P. 30. In the Teleportation sidebar, p. 00 should refer to p. 23.

P. 33. Under Bionics, both page references should be to p. 67, not 64.

P. 34. The Primitive disadvantage should cost -5 points per TL.

P. 34. Under Beam Weapons, Blasters are TL9, not TL10+.

P. 35. Engineering should be listed as Engineer.

Replace the first sentence under Engineers with: "Engineers must specialize in the appropriate drive(s) for their ship. Each type of normal-space drive is a different skill; each of the three types of FTL drive (hyperdrive, jump drive or warp drive) is also a different skill."

P. 37. Under Force Shield, change p. 36 to p. 35.

P. 38. The starting wealth of a PC should, in general, be 30 times the monthly cost of living for status level 0.

P. 40. The Pirate success roll should be 10 + Reputation.

P. 55. See back of this sheet for ranged-weapon tables using GURPS Third Edition rules.

P. 58. In the Area Effect diagram, the labels say '10', but the lines are just 9 hexes long. The lines should be 10 hexes long, to match the labels.

P. 60. The Holdout Laser may use a set of 25 A cells.

The Gatling Laser cannot use a D cell and gets 150 shots from an E cell.

P. 78, 93. If a hull is unarmored, its Defense Factor starts at 0. If a ship's final DF, after modifications for stealth and hull size, is 0 or less, treat it as having a DF of .25.

P. 81. The shipyard reference in the Refitting and Repairs sidebar should be to p. 122.

P. 82. In the Finances sidebar, a payment of 1% is $100,000 a month, not $10,000.

Under Antimatter (TL11), each gram will produce 1 MW for 5 years at TL11 or higher.

P. 88. Pressor Beams handle 1 ton per MW, not 1 ton per MS.

Under Grav Compensators, at TL12 (not TL11) a compensator will cancel up to 2G of acceleration.

P. 93. Under Combat Results, the attacker rolls one die.

P. 106. In the Stellar Ages and Planetary Density sidebar, the p. 00 should be p. 101.

P. 111. The formula in the Length of Year sidebar should be P = the square root of (D^3/M).

P. 116. The Saphronia length of year should be 255 local days, or 0.81 Earth years.

P. 119. Under Anarchy, the Control Rating reference should say "(see sidebar, p. 122)."