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GURPS Update – Cover

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GURPS Update

Available as a digital file!

Compiled by David Morgan-Mar * Based on GURPS Third Edition by Steve Jackson
and GURPS Fourth Edition by Sean Punch, David L. Pulver, and Steve Jackson

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

26 pages. PDF. * Price: Free! * Stock number 30-6024
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We know many Third Edition GURPS players will want to start playing Fourth Edition games right away! With this conversion guide, you'll be able to! GURPS Update has all the information you need to bring nearly all of your PCs into the Fourth Edition. Painstakingly compiled by David Morgan-Mar, Update has side-to-side charts with every single advantage, disadvantage, and skill in Third Edition, with its Fourth Edition counterpart listed alongside. Where there's not a good fit, a detailed note explains your other options for modeling the ability in the new rules. There are also conversion rules for magic, psionics, templates, attributes, secondary characteristics, and more.

GURPS Update is available as a FREE download in PDF format, and is included in the GURPS GM's Screen.

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