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GURPS GM's Screen – Cover

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GURPS GM's Screen

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Written by Steve Jackson, David Morgan-Mar, David L. Pulver, and Sean Punch
Edited by Andrew Hackard * Cover art by John Zeleznik

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

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Screen, 4 panels. Includes GURPS Lite and GURPS Update.
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ISBN 1-55634-732-4
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Put the amazing flexibility and power of GURPS at your fingertips with this data-packed GM's Screen. This screen features a gorgeous John Zeleznik painting with all of the Fourth Edition iconic characters, plus six panels full of all the crucial charts, tables, and other essentials from GURPS Fourth Edition. . . . complete combat tables, reaction charts, and other references to make the GM's job faster and easier.

Also included is a copy of the new Fourth Edition version of GURPS Lite, the 32-page core of the GURPS rules. GURPS Lite is a valuable rules summary, but it's also designed, in particular, as a teaching tool . . . it makes it easy for an experienced player or GM to introduce others to the system. A second 48-page book includes character sheets, forms, a master list of character creation features, and GURPS Update, a complete guide to converting your PC to Fourth Edition.

This screen is beautiful, useful . . . and yes, you can use it to hide your die rolls, too.

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