Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Autoduel (Second Edition) – Updated September 2, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. Replace the first sentence in the copyright notice with this one: "GURPS, Car Wars, AADA, Autoduel, Uncle Albert's and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks, and the AADA logo is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated."

P. 4. Under Page References, add "VE means GURPS Vehicles, Second Edition".

P. 18. In The Continental United States legend, the fourth road type is "Unpatrolled Roads in Poor Repair".

P. 19. In The Continental United States map, change "Grand Rapids" to "Flint" in Michigan. Grand Rapids is west of Lansing and north of I-94. Ann Arbor is closer to Detroit and south of I-94.

P. 63. Under Trucker, replace "Driving (18-wheeler)" with "Driving (Heavy Wheeled)".

P. 65. Under Skill Specialization and Familiarity, in the first Driving paragraph, replace "Driving (Truck)" with "Driving (Heavy Wheeled)". Delete the last sentence of the first paragraph, and replace the second paragraph with this one:

"Characters with familiarities in Driving (Automobile) can choose from gas- or electric-powered varieties of small car (subcompact and compact), medium car (mid-size, sedan and luxury) and large car (pickup and van). Driving an auto of an unfamiliar type is at a -2 skill penalty. For example, a character with Driving (Automobile) who is only familiar with electric large cars would be at -2 with a gas-powered subcompact. Driving skill does not default to the Motorcycle skill."

The comment about familiarities defaulting to other specializations is dropped – familiarity penalties do not apply to default use. The comment about TL7 antiques and electronic controls is dropped, since electronic controls are not a listed type of familiarity.

Under Skill Specialization and Familiarity, in the Guns paragraph, replace "Grenade Launchers, Lasers" with "Grenade Launcher, Machine Pistol".

P. 66. Under Skill Specialization and Familiarity, replace the Motorcycle paragraph with this one: "The two specializations are Light (covering motor scooters and light cycles) and Heavy (covering medium and heavy cycles). Motorcycle specializations default to each other at -4."

Under Skill Specialization and Familiarity, in the Piloting paragraph, the page reference is VE144-145.

Under Airship Pilot, replace "Piloting (Airship)" with "Piloting (Lighter-than-Air)"

P. 67. Under Jet Fighter Pilot, replace "Small fixed-wing jet" with "High-Performance Airplane".

P. 69. Under Dana Lyons' Skills, replace "Driving (car)" with "Driving (Auto)", "Driving (truck)" with "Driving (Heavy Wheeled)", and "Gunner (recoilless rifles)" with "Gunner (Cannon)".

P. 72. The page heading should read "Uncle Al's Auto Shop and Gunnery Stop Personal Section".

The RoF column uses the standard ~ and * notations defined in the Basic Set. A ~ indicates a weapon that is not automatic, but can fire up to the indicated number of times per turn. A * indicates an automatic weapons capable of selective fire; they may fire either automatically or with RoF 3~.

P. 74. Under Gyroslugger Ammo, the p. 00 reference is to p. 79.

P. 85. Under Scenario Ideas, replace "Driving (Trucks)" with "Driving (Heavy Wheeled)".

P. 96. In the GURPS Vehicles sidebar, plastic armor is TL8 Ablative. It is available in cheap, standard, expensive, and fireproof varieties, as per p. 103.

P. 117. Under Atlantic Armor Circuit, add "Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island".

P. 122. Under Club/Organization-Based, change "See the Organization chapter, p. 00, for more ideas." to "See the Organizations chapter, p. 80, for more ideas."