Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS World War II (Second Printing, Hardbound) – Updated August 27, 2003

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 46. Under Commendations, the Order of Lenin was attached to the first award of a Hero of the Soviet Union after 1936. It was not awarded again for second and subsequent awards of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

P. 74. Under Secondary Skills, increase the Artilleryman's NBC Warfare skill from "[1/2]-9" to "[1]-10"; this brings the template up to the listed 50 points.

P. 100. Clarification: Under Statistics, a more accurate description of cost is that it represents production cost for a vehicle that was largely hand-built, or twice production cost for a truly mass-manufactured item. (Outside of U.S. and Soviet industry, most production processes would be considered as hand-craftsmanship during this time period.) Thus, for a mass-produced item such as the M-4 Sherman, the listed cost already includes a 100% "markup."

P. 102. The reference to real-life cost only makes sense in light of the elaboration of cost found above for p. 100. Under Variants, the first paragraph should refer to the M4E2.

P. 103. Turret HPs should be 225.

P. 116. Under "Powertrain," the Catalina should list fuel tankage of 1,749, as it does in the "Design Notes."

P. 119. Under Airship Chassis, the surface area for the Medium Blimp was incorrectly calculated, causing the entire chassis to be in error. The correct values are: Medium Blimp, 0 VSPs, Wt. 5,800, Cost $2,700, 450 HPs, Armor 450 lbs./$2,250, SA 45K, Top , Size +10.

P. 147. Under Water Maneuver Rating, the initial reference should be to wMR.