Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Harkwood – Updated May 30, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 10. In the last paragraph under The Church in Caithness, the Conclave of Craine was held in 1844, not 1848.

P. 18. Baron Fenmarc of Harkwood has a Block of 7.

P. 19. At the end of the first full paragraph, change the reference to Darrek to "see p. 42".

P. 21. All of Darrek's Men have Blocks of 6. Sergeant Lobrin has Shield-12 as well as the skills listed.

P. 22. All of Jaenyth's Squires have Blocks of 6.

P. 23. Arik the Loud has a Block of 7.

P. 25. Mogris has a Block of 7.

In Ugly Tekker's skill list, replace "Bastard Sword" with "Broadsword". He has a Block of 6.

P. 34. In the third paragraph, Baron Fenmarc's Summer's Day Prize Tourney begins on Thursday, June 23.

In the first paragraph under The Clumsy Lion, change "Tuesday night" to "Monday night".

P. 35. The Bandits have Block 6.

P. 37. In the second paragraph under Epilogue: Headsman's Glade, change "Wednesday" to "Tuesday".

P. 38. In The Riders sidebar, under What the Riders Have, the bandits are on p. 35.

P. 39. The Harkwood Town Guard have Block 6.

P. 41. Under Remainder of the Day, change "Friday" to "Thursday".

In the third paragraph under The Tournament, the first day of the tourney is Thursday, June 23.

Under Timeline, change the first entry to "Thursday, Dawn:"

P. 42. In the ninth paragraph, change to "Friday, Dawn:".

Sir Darrek has a Block of 7.

P. 43. Dame Jaenyth has a Block of 9.

P. 44 In The Competition, the generic fighters in the Footmen's Competition have Block 6.

P. 46. In the Competition in the Joust, the generic knight has a Block of 7.

P. 50. In the first paragraph under The Valley of the Eilythri, replace "Sunday" with "Saturday".

P. 53. In the last paragraph under Returning Home, replace "Sunday" with "Saturday".

In the second sentence under What the Bandit's Have in the sidebar, append this note: "(replacing Shortsword with Axe/Mace as appropriate)"

P. 54. Pedar, the Mercenary Commander has a Block of 7.

P. 64. The sidebar states that armor protects normally against a fall. Mediæval armor gives only half protection (round down) against a fall – see p. B131.