Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Deadlands: Weird West – Updated September 10, 2003

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 10. In The Revenant box, the page reference at the end should be to p. 115.

P. 36. The Harrowed template is worth 206 points and its Independent Body Parts advantage should be worth 18 points. This alters the point cost of Will Bill Hickok (p. 52) and Bill Quantrill (p. 54).

P. 38. Under Initiation, it costs 40 points for third level, not 30.

P. 45. The Huckster's Secondary Skills lists a number of hexes at skill level 17. The hexes should be at level 18, and the template's footnote ("*Includes +2 . . .") should only be applied to the Gambling skill under Primary Skills. Add a new footnote for the hexes: "**Includes +4 for Magical Aptitude (Huckster)".

P. 48. In the Preacher template, the disadvantage Fanaticism (Religious fanatic) should be -15 points, not -10.

P. 50. In the Union Agent template, change "HT 10 [10]" to "HT 10 [0]".

P. 52. Wild Bill Hickok is a 424-point character; the Harrowed template is worth 206 points (see the errata for p. 36).

P. 54. Bill Quantrill is a 485-point character; the Harrowed template is worth 206 points (see the errata for p. 36).

P. 59. Under Creating Weird Gadgets, the second sentence of the second paragraph should be "See the box on the right."

P. 67. The Bulletproof Vest should have PD 3, weigh 8 lbs, and protect areas 9-10 and 17-18 (the stats on p. 59 are correct).

P. 77. Under Phantom Fingers, add the following sentence to the description: "The better a hand the Huckster gets, the larger the object affected or the more subtle the manipulation can be, GM's call."