Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS SWAT – Updated August 25, 2004

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 3. In the boxed section Page References, change "M for Mecha" to "ME for Mecha".

P. 11. At the end of the first paragraph under Barricaded Suspects, the box referred to on p. 37 is entitled "Tactical Retreats".

P. 17. In the third paragraph under Buenos Aires Brigada Halcón, the Glock 18 page reference should be CV68.

P. 19. In the boxed section The Media, the first paragraph page reference should be to "Cincinnati: Room 809".

P. 23. In the second paragraph, the Tube Microphones page reference should be p. 48.

P. 33. In the first paragraph under Explosive Breaching, change "pp. 49-50" to "p. 50".

P. 48. In the first paragraph of the boxed section A Word About Budgets, the P90s page reference should be p. 52.

P. 52. In the boxed section Special Munitions, under "Frangible Ammunition," the Breaching reference should be to pp. 32-33.

P. 54. Under Revolvers, the S&W Model 60 should have a Shots statistic of 5.

P. 58. Under Trial by Fire, change the high-risk warrant page reference to pp. 9-10.

P. 59. Under Booby Traps, change the page reference to p. 39.

P. 61. In the second paragraph of Mecha, change all instances of M page references to ME.