Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Mecha (First Printing) – Updated October 16, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 4. In the last paragraph of About GURPS, the web address for the mailing list is

P. 24. Under Criminal, move Zeroed to the Advantages list.

P. 45. In the fourth paragraph under Space-to-Ground Capability, change the second sentence to read: "It makes a soft landing if it can deploy a parachute (see below) or is flight-capable."

P. 51. Firing in Space: lasers also get ×10 range in space.

P. 53. Under Homing Missiles, insert this sentence at the beginning of Lock-On: "Locking on requires an Aim maneuver."

P. 54. In the first paragraph (Firing), replace "is immediately launched." with "can be launched on the following turn; launching a missile is an attack."

In the third paragraph (Decoys), replace "the missile's owner rolls 3d vs. the missile's skill" with "the missile's owner rolls 3d vs. the missile's skill minus the flare's TL."

P. 55. Under Disabled Locations, if a lifesystem is disabled, it will still have its remaining man-hours of life support once it is repaired.

P. 60. Change "ten seconds" to "ten minutes" in the Kinetic-Kill Missiles paragraph of the Kinetic-Kill Weapons sidebar.

P. 69. In the Built-In Contact Weaponry Table, halve the damages of all of the plasmablades. Lt. Plasmablade is 4d(5), Md. Plasmablade is 1d×10(5), and Hv. Plasmablade is 2d×10(5).

P. 78. In the last sentence under Step 2 – Streamlined Mecha, a vehicle with legs, arms, or turrets can't have superior or radical streamlining unless it is going to be transformable.

P. 80. In the Thruster Table, a TL8+ Ducted Fan has a weight of (0.15×thrust) + 6.75, or 1.5×thrust is under 20 lbs. thrust.

P. 83. In the Sensor Table, change AESA Power to 0.25 for all TLs.

P. 93. Under Appendix 1: Hand-Held Ranged Weapons, delete the second sentence of the third paragraph (it begins "Its weight should not . . ."). Weight is taken into account in the calculation for ST requirement on the next page.

P. 94. Hand-Held Ranged Weapons' Recoil and ST: ST requirement is (LWt./8)+5 if a rifle or (LWt./4)+5 if a pistol, multiplied as stated.

P. 101. In the second paragraph, replace the last sentence with: "A winged mecha needs at least two wing subassemblies."

P. 103. Move "These options can be added in Step 18 – Structure" from the end of Activating a Transformation to the beginning of Exotic Structural Options.

P. 123. Change the p. 00 reference under Mindslaving to p. 117.