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ERRATA – GURPS Basic Set (Second Edition) – Updated July 8, 1996

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

All these errors were corrected in the Third Edition. Any mistakes not found by this date were probably (\#\$\%\#@) repeated in the new edition – check for Third Edition errata. Note that this listing does not attempt to cover all the new material added in the Third Edition.

P. 15. The range of Peripheral Vision includes both the gray and the white in the diagram.

P. 16. Politician skill should be Politics.

P. 16. In Status, Savoir-Faire skill is on p. 50 – not p. 30.

P. 16. Saying that Strong Will "does not help against combat injuries" isn't useful, since there is no reason that it might. Replace "combat injuries" with "combat shock."

P. 16. In Status, change the third sentence of the second paragraph (the one beginning, "Because . . .") to, "Because of the common relationship between status and wealth, a wealth level of Wealthy or above lets you pay 5 fewer character points for status." In effect, you get one level of status free.

P. 21. For the Fat disadvantage, determine weight from ST, not HT.

P. 22. Skinny: should refer to Shadowing skill, not Stealth.

P. 22. Change the last sentence of Mutes to: "However, no roll is required (or allowed!) when you try to communicate with other player characters who don't know your sign language; roleplay this on your own."

P. 34. In the sixth paragraph of the sidebar, 11 is equal to your DX+1 level (if your DX is 10). In the last paragraph, replace the last sentence with: "A skill cannot default to another skill known only by default."

P. 38. Gunner defaults to DX-5 or to any other Gunner skill-4. Guns defaults to DX-4 or to any other Guns skill-4. Also note that the IQ bonus for Gunner and Guns skill is applied after all levels and defaults have been determined. Thus, Ed, with IQ 13 and Gunner (Laser)-16 has effective skill 18 with Lasers; his default with other Gunner skills is 14 (16-4, +2 for IQ), but his default with Armoury is just 10 (16-6).

P. 40. There are two references to "specialization" on this page – under Armoury and Engineer. Both should refer to p. 33, not 34.

P. 53. The driving penalty is -2 for an unfamiliar vehicle.

P. 76. Default rolls: Lockpicking defaults to IQ-5.

P. 77, and any other place that discusses automatic success. Replace the current paragraph with the following:

Some things are totally trivial. No roll is required when common sense says that both failure and critical success are impossible. However, if there is any chance of failure, a roll is required. Finding your corner store requires no roll. Hitting a target at point-blank range, even for a very experienced warrior, does, since his weapon might break or he might slip on an unexpected banana peel. There is no automatic success on magic!

P. 86. A person throws at his skill of DX-3 without the skill. P. 94 (sidebar). The last sentence (about crippling injuries) should be deleted. It was erroneously copied from the sidebar on p. 96.

P. 99. Add neck to hit location Illustration.

P. 112. In Great Success or Failure on First Aid rolls, replace the second sentence with "On a critical failure, the victim loses 2 hit points, and bandaging will not help."

P. 113 (sidebar). Gasoline is available at TL4 or above.

P. 115. Cobra venom is a blood agent.

P. 128 (sidebar). Last sentence should be "Lost HT."

P. 128 (sidebar, 6th and 7th paragraphs). Replace the IQ rolls with Survival or Naturalist rolls.

P. 131, and elsewhere. Up until Horseclans, we've used social status, social level, and social rank interchangeably. That is no longer correct. Horseclans introduced the advantage of Military Rank, so all references to social rank should be changed to level or status.


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"Caravan to Ein Arris" Adventure

P. 2. In the next-to-last paragraph, see The Tests sidebar, p. 4 (not Pay, p. 6).