Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Magic (First Edition, First Printing) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 6. In the Mana sidebar, the reference to pp. 53-54 should be to p. 54.

P. 13. In the Orc example, Orc #4 should sleep – his roll only succeeded by 2, while the mage made his own roll by 3.

P. 27. Under Exchange Bodies, the p. 7 reference should be to p. 9. This correction should also be made in the Index, under Magical Ingredients.

P. 34. Explosive Fireball has a Time to Cast of 1 to 3 seconds.

P. 40. Energy to Cast for Cornucopia should read "50 times the $ value."

P. 39. Under Lesser Wish, the second paragraph should begin "Only one roll or action can be affected by one wish . . . "

P. 39. For Accuracy, an alternative prerequisite is 5 Air spells.

P. 41. In the Staff description, change the p. 13 reference to p. 14. Make the same correction in the Index under Touch: Wand and Staff.

P. 42. In the Powerstone description, change the reference to p. 18 to p. 20. Make the same correction in the Index under Powerstone Costs.

P. 45. The second edition of GURPS Magic will contain a rule change relating to disbelief of illusoins. Disbelief is no longer automatic on an IQ roll. Instead, the person trying to disbelieve must win a Contest of Skills – his IQ versus the appropriate Illusion spell skill of the one who created the illusion originally. A would-be disbeliever is at +2 if he already knows he is dealing with an illusion, and -2 if he wants to believe – it is the GM's decision whether either of these is true!

P. 46. For Illusion Shell, the cost to maintain is half that listed to cast.

P. 48. Under Divination, Dactylomancy is the correct term for divination using a pointer on a lettered/numbered board.

P. 50. In the Flash table, the first distance increment should be "within 10 hexes."

P. 55. Under the Item description for link, the reference to a "Detect life" Spell should be to Sense life.

P. 61. The Wallwalker description should read "At least one hand or foot must stay in contact with any surface, vertical, horizontal, or otherwise."

P. 63. Under Ethereal Body, change "Colleges of Communication, Empathy or Mind Control" to "Communication and Empathy or Mind Control."

P. 66. Shape Plant is a Regular spell.

P. 69. The Utter Dome spell reference to the Pentagram spell should be to p. 53, not p. 60.

P. 69. In Sound Jet, change "Aim Jet skill roll" to "Magic Jet skill roll."

P. 70. Sound Vision should have a prerequisite of Acute Hearing advantage or Keen Ears.

P. 71.

P. 72.

P. 73. Nightingale: The Energy entry should read "1/2/s#."

P. 74.

P. 75.

P. 78. Under Spell Results, the first paragraph should say "if both rolls were critical successes."

P. 86. In the Flight knack example, the final cost of the knack should be doubled, because the Flight magic item is mages-only.

P. 87. Under Making Alchemical Items, the p. 20 reference should be p. 9.

P. 91. Under Mental Control, Pan, the p. 56 reference should be p. 57.

P. 97. Under Dwarves, Advantages and Disadvantages: Dwarves should get a +3 with any Craft skill, Architecture, Engineer or Traps (even for default use!).

P. 100. Under Werebear, the claw damage is ST-based.

P. 100. Under Wereboar, the tusk damage is cutting and ST-based.

P. 100. Under Weretiger, the biting damage should reflect the rules on p. B140; claw damage is cutting and ST-based.

P. 100. Under Were-eagle, the talon damage is ST-based.

P. 101. Raphael Holyoak has a PD of 2. Fortify should have cost $50. The 4-point powerstone should have cost $900.

P. 102. In the Grimoire, mark both Major Healing and Shapeshift (Bear) with a "(VH)." Also, Ignite Fire cost to cast and cost to maintain should read 0-3.

P. 104. A water elemental attacks as a normal human, doing normal damage for its ST.

P. 106. Under Golems, the p. 37 reference should be p. 39.