Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Cyberpunk (First Printing) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 15. Under Sleep Teacher, the times to gain mental disadvantages should be divided by 10. It is 40 hours per point, not 400. A 5-point Sense of Duty would take 200 hours, not 2,000.

P. 26. Under Cyberdeck Operation, the "Computer Hacking" reference should be to Chapter 4.

P. 30. The roll to attach a bionic part is made against the lower of Surgery and Electronics (cybernetic).

P. 40. The cost for Skill Chips is $5,000 per point from 9 to 20 points, not 10 to 20 points.

P. 44. In the third paragraph of the Gauss Needler description, change ×1.5 damage to ×2 damage.

P. 47. At the end of the first paragraph on Stun Wands, add "Add +1 to effective HT per 10 points of DR."

p. 49. Under Ablative Foam, change DR to 8.

p. 50. Exoskeletons weigh 10 lbs. per point of ST up to 20, and 20 lbs. per point of ST after that.

P. 53. Under Attach Case, the p. 0 reference should say "see below."

P. 60. Under Acc., the reference should be to p. B115.

P. 60. Under Hand Weapons, the LC heading should be LR.

P. 60.

P. 74. A Complexity 8 system starts with a base Phase Length of 100. AIs can have a Phase as low as 10. Since AIs are NPC "monsters," not intended to be fully understood by PCs, the GM assigns a Command Phase and does not have to justify it to the players! PC AIs have a Command Phase of 100.

P. 75. All decks start with a Speed Index (SI) of 1. Maximum SI is 10, which is a 225% increase in cost, not 250%. In the example in the second paragraph, the phase length would be 2,666, rounded to 2,700.

P. 75. In Example 1, cost would be $146,250. Phase would be 1,600 msec, not 4,000 msec (8,000/5 = 1,600).

P. 75. In Example 2, SI 10 would add 225% to cost, making the final cost $9,750,000.

P. 75. "Command Phase can never be lower than 100 msec" - except for AIs - see above.

P. 76. In the sidebar, the 00 should be Chapter 6.

P. 77. There are two 00s. Camouflage should refer to p. 93, Recon to p. 91.

P. 80. The sidebar is continued on p. 82, because p. 81 is a table.

P. 90. Under Flatline, the Ghostcomp page reference should be to p. 56.

P. 90. Under Loop, the page reference for Bailout should be p. 92.

P. 91. Under Promote, the "stacked decks" page reference should be to the sidebar on p. 84.

P. 92. Under Alarm, the Silence page reference should be to p. 91.

P. 92. Under Bailout, the Loop page reference should be to p. 90.

P. 93. Under Safety Net, the Crash page reference should be to p. 89.

P. 97. Under The Setting, the sidebar page reference should be to pp. 100-102.

P. 97. Under Urban Blight, the Eco-Guerrillas page reference should be to pp. 106-107.

P. 98. The last line in the third paragraph should say "See p. 72 . . ."

P. 103. The penultimate sentence of the first paragraph should refer to "the individuals making the transaction."

P. 123. The term "wirehead" was coined by Larry Niven, not William Gibson.