Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS International Supers Teams – Updated October 24, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 10. Under IST Basic Training, "For eight weeks" should be "For twelve weeks."

P. 11. In the description of Sergei Rykov, "Professional Skill (Bureaucratics)-16" should be removed (this is Administration skill).

P. 16. From the sidebar Emergency Military Action by ISTs, delete the sentence "Fortunately . . . has not been applied."

P. 22. In the Transportation sidebar, Airdrop has a range of 64,000 miles, a weight capacity of 768 tons, and a Power of 31.

P. 27. The roll made by a beam attack to penetrate IST Tokyo's mirrored finish is on 3d.

P. 30. Under Diplomatic Immunity, the cost is 20 points, and it is a subset of Legal Immunity (not Legal Enforcement Powers).

P. 36. In the list of Meeran Advantages and Disadvantages, replace "Toughness/DR 1 (+10 points)" with "Fur (DR 1, 1-pt. Temperature Tolerance, +4 points)". It costs 54 points to be a Meeran.

FTL Details and Anomalies: There is no "Dimension Warp" super skill. The skill is, in fact, a variant of Exoteleport.

P. 40. Under The F.R.A.N.C. Probe add ", this time in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil." to the end of the first paragraph. Delete the second paragraph. In the third paragraph, replace "Revolucion 90" with "Revolução 90" and "El Brujo" with "O Bruxo".

P. 41. The entry for Touchstone is in error, charging -10 points for a ST of 10.

P. 43. White Tyger pays 54 points for the Meeran racial package. His Toughness is free with that package. Bump Literature (Human) to 14 for 2 points. Point Total remains 400.

P. 45. For those with Ultra-Tech or Space, RPCs should be considered as being in their second TL of existence, with all the requisite levels of efficiency.

P. 46. Fusion power has been available since 1983, not 1985.

P. 47. The last sentence of the Development should read ". . . a cold winter morning in 1982 . . ."

P. 49. The "Muscleman IV" should be revised as follows:

Capacity: Rated for safety limit of 3,250 lbs., dead-lift. Base ST of standard model is 130; enhancements are 140 and 150, with the same prices. This base model suit is equivalent in unmodified point cost (225) to the TL8 medium body armor (PD 6, DR 25) commonly used as the base for many Supers battlesuits, and may be used instead when designing one. The last sentence should end "half the difference between ST 130 and the chosen ST."

P. 60. The Edicts and Super-Police: Replace "no supers in the CID" with "no supers in the National Criminal Intelligence Service". [The NCIS was launched in 1992.]

P. 70. Poprock is actually found in Supers, 2nd Edition, page 125.

Replace "EEC" with "European Economic Community (EEC)".

P. 76. The devastation radius of a Pony Nuke is 2,200 hexes, not 22,000.

P. 78. At the end of Palestine Liberation Organization, change the reference for the PGIE to "sidebar, p. 74".

P. 82. ". . . except for one-skill powers . . ." should be ". . . except for one-skill psi powers . . ."

Pp. 90-91. Under 1960s Vintage Powered Armor, revise the armor's stats as follows: ST 25 (150 points). The Can Be Hit limitation is worth only 4%, not 7%. It is wrapped in 1.7" of steel, not 8". Final cost of the 60s armor is 155 points.

P. 95. In the timeline under 1957, the EEC/Common Market is formed by West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemborg.

P. 97. In the timeline, move "Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark join the EEC. Britain and Ireland politely ignore the EEC metahuman-pooling policy." to 1973.

The resignation of Destructeur from the leadership of the EEC team noted under 1978 should in fact be in 1981.

P. 121. Al-Khayal min Allah has Growthx5 (Maximum Height Only -50%; Always On -10%) for 20 points. His point total is 915.