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ERRATA – GURPS Horror (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

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P. 12. Illiteracy is worth -10 points.

P. 12. Intolerance is now worth -5/-10 points.

P. 13. Occultism defaults to IQ-6; this changes the examples.

P. 16. In Casting Spells, some spells have distance modifiers (identical to those in Fantasy). The following spells are at -1 per yard between caster and subject: Armor, Continual Light, Detect Magic, Light, Shield, Apportation, Banish, Borrow Language, Invisibility, Pain, Poltergeist, Sleep, and Zombie. Darkness and Turn Zombie are at -1 per yard between the caster and the nearest edge of the area affected. In all of these cases, there is also a -5 penalty if the caster cannot see his subject or the target by any means.

P. 16. The Mana sidebar should refer to the Inca city of Macchu Picchu. Also, drop the see sidebar reference.

P. 17. Under Energy Cost for Casting Spells, at Skill 20 you can cast 1 hex of Darkness at no energy cost.

In the Magic Ritual sidebar, the -5 modifier for low-mana areas is applied to skill before using this rule.

Pp. 21 & 24. For those using full-magic campaigns, Banish is in the Metaspell college. Summon Monster is in the Necromantic college.

P. 24. A Shapeshifting caster becomes a large member of the species, as per description on p. F124 (not in the Basic Set). If you have Horror, but not Fantasy, the descriptions on pp. B137-139 are appropriate.

P. 25. Under Summon Monster, the Duration is 1 hour (or less).

P. 45. In the Other Were-beasts sidebar, the Eagle has a wingspread of 12 feet.

P. 46. In the first sentence, change impaling damage to cutting damage.

P. 53. In the third paragraph, replace Damage Resistance with Passive Defense.

Pp. 57, 67, 72. In general, only 20% of starting wealth is available for adventuring: 30 for Victorian England, $150 for the Roaring '20s and $3,000 for a Modern Day campaign.

P. 62. Jack the Ripper killed at least five streetwalkers.

The brothel's clients are rumored to include the Prince of Wales and his son, the Duke of Clarence.

P. 64. Delete the reference to the Torture skill in the listing for Dracula; no such skill exists.

P. 68. Under Struggling Jobs, move "Status 0+), $55" from the Critical Failure entry to the end of the Street Patrolman description.

P. 72. The price list is on p. 73.

P. 76. Under the Firearm Critical Miss Table, 9, 10, 11 should refer to Guns-4, not Gunner-4.

P. 85. In the Cast of Characters sidebar, Noel Tarleton is described in the sidebar on p. 93, not p. 91. Gail Simpson does 3d+2 damage with her nightstick. And more complete stats for her are given in the sidebar on p. 88, not p. 87. The reason it points to the vampire is because she is the vampire.

P. 85. At the end of the first paragraph, the sidebar reference is wrong. The intended sidebar appears below.

Converting Langley Manor

The adventure can easily converted to other periods. First, pick a year. If you want the Roaring '20s, 1927 will do. Robert inherited two years earlier: 1925. Thaddeus inherited 28 years ago: 1899. Minerva inherited 52 years ago: 1875. And Phillip bought the Waltrop Mansion 62 years ago: 1865. Check the timelines and other historical sources for interesting events to weave into the adventure. Maybe the Waltrop family was selling because their fortune had been destroyed in the Civil War? Don't be tied down by specific dates – if you want Phillip to die mysteriously at the stroke of the turn of the century, have Thaddeus inheriting in 1900, not 1899.

Now, what's the difference in our time frame? Jeanine is definitely a flapper in the 20s. In the 1880s, she's a repressed Victorian girl outrageously flaunting her new-found wealth. Dennis is a rum-runner (possibly a gang member) in the 20s and an opium supplier in the 1880s.

Electricity is just making its appearance in the 1880s, and older homes aren't likely to have it. Perhaps someone is playing with the gas lines on the second night, and a leak drives everyone out of the house.

Dennis and Tarleton are going to the carriage house, not the garage, when Tarleton goes wolf; the horses would scream far louder than Dennis!

P. 87. Under The Ghost Reappears, tell one of them he visits the kitchen. As he passes the ballroom, he spots the wraith drifting slowly across the room.


Table of Horror weapons using Third Edition rules.