Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Basic Set (Third Edition, Second Printing) – Updated July 8, 1996

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

With the exception of the errors on p. 105, all these changes should also be marked in first printing books.

P. 26. The Primitive disadvantage should be -5/TL.

P. 27. Under Social Stigma, remove the -20 point entry. There is no longer a -20 point Social Stigma.

P. 31. Berserk disadvantage, High-tech berserk: A berserk gunman will only reload if he has both Fast-Draw and Speed-Load skills.

P. 52. Change the Speed-Load skill to reflect the following:

Speed-Load (Physical/Easy) / No default

This is the skill of getting ammunition into a firearm quickly. It is a different skill for each firearm.

Speed-Load Table

Black Powder Weapons-10% (round down) from normal loading time
Single-Ejecting Revolvers-1/3 second per round (round down)
Simultaneously-Ejecting Revolvers
(w/o speed loader)-1/3 second per round (round down)
(with speed loader)-3 seconds
Integral Magazine-1/3 second per round (round down)
Removable Magazine-1 second (and clip loading)
Belt Fed-2 seconds

A failure on a Speed-Load attempt adds to normal loading time the amount that would have been saved had the attempt succeeded. A critical failure drops or damages the ammunition; the whole loading procedure must be started over or the ammunition recovered (2d seconds or GM's decision).

Some weapons of peculiar design may have different Speed-Load effects, at the GM's discretion.

P. 68. Underwater Demolition should be listed as a TL skill.

P. 75. Under Choosing Your Shield, the page reference in the last paragraph should be changed to p. 123. (The page reference is correct in the first printing.)

P. 96. The sidebar refers to p. 208 for rules on reloading guns. The only rules for reloading guns there are for the single shot weapons, as their reloading time is their RoF. Use the following rules for reloading other weapons:

Reloading Guns

Repeating guns are roughly divided into three kinds: replaceable magazine, integral magazines and revolvers. Revolvers are split up into two types; the single-ejecting and the simultaneously-ejecting.

Single-ejecting revolvers take one second to prepare for unloading and one second per round to unload the empties. Reloading takes one second to prepare and two seconds per round to load, plus one second to ready for firing or carrying. Simultaneously-ejecting revolvers take three seconds of preparation plus one second per round of loading time.

Integral magazines take three seconds of preparation plus one second per round.

Changing magazines for a replaceable magazine gun (or stripping a clip into a Mauser-type action) takes three seconds (one to prepare, one to acquire and one to insert).

To reload quicker the character may take the Speed-Load skill (p. 52). See GURPS High-Tech for further information on reloading.

P. 99. Special parrying: the example for 1/2 Knife skill should be -5, not -3.

P. 104. The fourth paragraph of the sidebar should read "require two turns to ready after a swinging attack."

P. 105. Replace "sign" in the second to last paragraph with "sight."

P. 105. The new all-out attack options should be; (c) a single attack gives a +4 bonus to your skill, (d) gives a +2 bonus to damage.

P. 105. Sidebar under Wild Swings: An all-out attack gets a +2 skill bonus, not +4.

P. 112. Under Choke or Strangle, the reference should be to the sidebar on p. 122.

P. 136. Under Cavalry Weapons, the first line should say Riding skill, not Rider.

P. 208. The Needler (Automatic Pistol) should have Ne in place of N.

P. 209. The Needle Rifle should have Ne in place of N.

Sample Characters

P. 216. Katrina's character sheet should give her Basic Speed as 6, not 6.25.

Instant Characters pullout: