Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Supers (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 18. Concentration: All powers have a Snap Shot number of 25 minus skill.

P. 19. Under Advantages and Disadvantages Modifiers: The third paragraph refers to a Body of Ice with the Burst Effect enhancement; this should be a Body of Ice with the Explosive enhancement.

P. 22. Full Coordination costs 50 points per additional attack. Therefore Full Coordination/2 allows three attacks per turn, FC/3 allows four attacks per turn, etc.

P. 24. Under Damage Types, Metal should be listed as Common. Fire/Heat should be listed as an Occasional attack form.

P. 25. Under Invulnerability, the reference to "parry bullets" should be to p. 85 (not p. 86).

P. 26. Under Vacuum Support, add "This includes the advantages of Pressure Support and Doesn't Breathe; someone with Vacuum Support needs no air of any kind."

P. 26. Reduce the cost of Unaging to 15 points.

P. 26. Reduce the cost of Ice Skates to 5 points.

P. 27. Reduce the cost of Perfect Balance to 15 points.

P. 28. Reduce the cost of Polarized Eyes to 5 points.

P. 28. Reduce the cost of Radio Hearing to 10 points.

P. 28. Reduce the cost of Sensitive Touch to 10 points.

P. 30. The Accuracy enhancement is a +1 level enhancement instead of +2, and it adds +2 to Acc instead of +1 (remember, your maximum Acc is equal to your skill!)

P. 30. In the example for Armor Piercing, only 9 points of damage penetrate.

P. 30. Under Cone Enhancement, add the following – "The cone is two-dimensional, and can be dodged. "Cone" refers to the outline shape; it does not have a three-dimensional volume."

P. 34. Absorb Super-Skill should have been Absorb Super-Ability. The explanation should change to reflect this. Super-advantages can also be absorbed.

P. 35. Under Body Control Power, Drain Characteristic should be Drain Attribute, and the reference should be to Alteration Power, Drain Attribute, p. 34.

P. 35. Under Psionic Resistance, add "The Switchable enhancement (see p. 31) is available for this skill."

P. 40. Flash should be a mental skill, not a physical one.

P. 40. Add under Flight: Anyone capable of self-propelled flight (not Winged Flight) can "fly" at half speed underwater.

P. 42. Under Matter Control, the Alter power should not be <star>8, but N/A. This power is not available as a single-skill, because Analyze is required to use it.

P. 43. Nature Power should include the sentence, "The Animal Empathy advantage gives a +2 to related super-skills."

P. 44. The Psychokinesis table should be based on Power, not Skill.

P. 44. PK Shield protects versus physical attacks only, not against energy attacks.

P. 50. Buzzsaw should be a mental skill, not a physical one.

P. 52-53. Limb costs have been modified for better game balance.

P. 56. All of the Generic Attack Templates should read "1d (1, depending on the power) per 2 full levels of Power," not "1d per level of Power."

P. 60. The table for "Unreliable" is backwards. 15 should read No Bonus, 13 should read -5%, and so on.

P. 61. In the Talisman of Zard'd sidebar, the Uncontrolled Transformation is worth a base -30 points; therefore the total value for the Uncontrolled Transformation is -60 points. The demon's extra arms now add only 20 points. The -6 reaction was counted twice; delete the last sentence of the third paragraph. The base cost for the item is now 670 points; the final cost is 449 points.

P. 67. Nightflick's flying speed should be 56.

P. 74. Icepick did not need to buy the Ice Skates super advantage, as it is automatically included with Ice Clinging.

P. 76. Mount Fuji subtracted 20 points for an IQ of 8, when he should have only subtracted 15. Just assume he gained 5 points from his last adventure.

P. 77. Necron's Death Bolts do 3d-3 impaling damage.

P. 84. In the third paragraph of the Chambara sidebar, add:

One or more attacks may also be given up to gain extra Move distance at any time during the turn. Each lost attack earns 1 extra hex of Move - only in the direction that the fighter is currently facing.

A Chambara fighter taking the All-Out Attack option adds 50% (round down) to the number of attacks he can make in a single turn – never less than one.

P. 99. Under The International Super Teams, in the last paragraph, the pay is $1,000 per week, with higher pay for higher ranks.

P. 111. In the Index, under the U.N. listing, delete the IST reference.