Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Uplift (Second Edition) – Updated December 12, 2007

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 34. Admiral Helene Alvarez was born 340 years ago, not 250. Also, the third paragraph of her bio suggests that the Bureaucracy lasted after Contact. It was overthrown during her first long voyage.

P. 60. The Ynnin race is a Respected Client, but this is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Change the point cost to [5]; change the racial point value to 107.

P. 67. In the third sentence, first paragraph, change "and a pair or legs" to "and a pair of legs".

New! P. 77. On the Special Electrical/Magnetic Abilities table, replace the range for "No special Electrical/Magnetic ability" with 6-14.

P. 99. Clarification, re: Telepathy Augmenters – The Telepath Range Modifier table is used to determine the range of artificially boosted psi power (for example, using a Amplifier Helmet or Augmenter Web) for talents other than direct communication. Telepathic communication using an Augmenter Web gets a range boost instead.