Roleplayer #23, May 1991

Coming Detractions

Your Life is Worthless Without These Books

by Chris McCubbin

Sick of fantasy roleplaying? Tired of being able to juggle planets and vaporize armies? Ready for a dose of reality? SJ Games pioneers the field of reality roleplaying with their miraculously mundane fifth quarter 1991 schedule, "Dare to be Dull!"

BURPS Blue-Collar

Get a life! This new 566-page BURPS (Boring Universal RolePlaying System) worldbook has everything you'll ever need to construct a roleplaying campaign that's no different from everyday existence. You can be a downtrodden working stiff, a confused and abused student, an unemployed parasite or any other sort of hopeless loser you meet on the street (or over the gaming table).

Struggle! Fail! Give up! Complete rules for: tedious, dead-end jobs; school, including pop quizzes and being beat up; romance, rejection, broken hearts and social diseases.

Just be yourself in the most pointless BURPS rule book ever. Only $99.99.

And look for these sort-of-great supplements . . .

BURPS Mundane Tech

Burn the toast, enjoy Muzak, bump your nose on automatic doors, sabotage Grandfather's hearing aid! At last, complete rules for all devices essential to 20th century life. Everything from rotary pencil sharpeners to refrigerators! Includes 50 pages of rules detailing exactly how even the simplest and most innocuous of machines can turn on you and ruin your work, your life, and your health. 20 pages alone of annoying personal computer glitches!

BURPS Itty Bitty Bestiary

Roaches and rabbits and mice, oh my! Yeah, you know what a rhino or a great white shark can do to your characters. But what about a butterfly, or a kitten, or a gerbil? Huh? What about it? Huh?

Complete game stats on all those annoying pests and vermin that other game systems ignore – ants, sparrows, Yorkshire terriers, armadillos, toddlers. Compare the number of starlings you've seen recently to the number of hippogriffs – how did you ever get along so far without the Itty Bitty Bestiary?


The sinister fast-food counter person, the macabre convenience store night manager, the diabolical vice-principal! Face them all thanks to BURPS Folks, Real People For Your Real World. Includes teachers, nerds (tech and non-tech), bosses, cops, snobs, bullies, jocks, more!

And look for these two special BURPS Blue Collar / Horror crossovers, Junior High and Night of the Jogging Yuppies! Ooooh, scary!

Dare to be dull with SJ Games. Yes, Stupid Joke Games, the company where you can just be yourself.

(And happy April First, a bit late.)

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