Roleplayer #23, May 1991

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Short Notes

Very Basic Melee Combat: Really Simple Shortcuts for Really Quick Battles (Steffan O'Sullivan)
Intimidation and Ineptness: New Skill Rules for GURPS (Steve Jackson)
New for GURPS
Seven Heros: Practical Hints for the "Seven" Scenario (Robert Collins)
Orctown: the Most Dangerous Place on Yrth (Scott Maykrantz)
Look! Up on the Shelf! The Return of GURPS Supers (Loyd Blankenship)
Super-Pansies: Diagnosis and Treatment: Making It Without Mega-Powers (David Ellis Dickerson)
International Super Politics: The Birth of GURPS IST (Robert Schroeck)
Coming Detractions: Your Life is Worthless Without These Books (Chris McCubbin)
We Don't Need No Steekin' Lasers: Ultra-Tech Slugthrowers (C.J. Carella)
The Double-Blind Arena: Realistic One-on-One Combat (Barry Link)
Origins Ballot
Coming Attractions

Back To The Salt Mines!

This issue is late. Not just a little late. It is incredibly, screamingly late. The last one, #22, was dated November. This is being written in April, and it will be May before you see it, so we're biting the bullet and dating it May.

We considered dating this one #24, and just replying "Fnord!" whenever anybody asked about #23. But the Post Office wouldn't have thought it was funny. . . and we would have had five years of questions from non-illuminated types. So it goes.

Subscribers will still get the number of copies they paid for, of course. It will just take longer.

New Releases

The long gap between issues means we have more "new" releases than usual to talk about – so rather than hit you with hype here, I'll just refer you to page 5.

The Cybergate Blues

The most-asked question of the past few months has been "Are you going to sue the Secret Service?" All I can say right now is that we're looking at it very seriously. It's costly and time-consuming to sue the government. . . but sometimes that's the only thing to do. Stay tuned.

Origins Awards

The Origins Award ballot is on p.32. Everyone is eligible to vote – this is your chance to give feedback to the whole industry at once. Please, do it! Yes, we got a couple of nominations. One is for the Car Wars Card Game, for "Best Graphic Presentation." This is the first time we've ever been nominated for that, and it's a compliment. But the one I'd really like to win is – you guessed it – GURPS Cyberpunk for "Best Roleplaying Supplement." Play with that for a while, O Secret Service. . .

But whoever you vote for, please vote. All it costs you is a stamp, and maybe as much as a nickel to copy page 32 so you don't have to tear up your magazine.

The Map is the Territory

We're putting more and better maps in our world-books now. A good map is beautiful and useful. Our current Master Cartographer is Mike Naylor. He did the maps in GURPS China and the upcoming GURPS Vikings. But, through our error, he wasn't credited in China. So . . . thanks, Mike. Keep it up.

– Steve Jackson

Editor: Steve Jackson

Managing Editor: Loyd Blankenship

Editorial Assistant: Monica Stephens

Production Manager: Carl Anderson

Cover Art: Doug Shuler

Illustrations: Angela Bostick, Ruth Thompson, Denis Loubet, C. Bradford Gorby, Doug Shuler, Larry McDougall, Michael Scott, Rick Hernandez and Carl Anderson

Circulation Manager: Mike Hurst

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