Roleplayer #28, April 1992

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Short Notes
Enchantment 101: Mass-Producing Magic Items (Drew Bittner)
Wondrous Widgets: More Outtakes from GURPS Magic Items 2 (Drew Bittner)
New for GURPS
New Skill: Hiking
I Laugh At Your Puny Blasters! Ultra-Tech Armor (David L. Pulver)
Organic is for Wimps! Robots in GURPS Supers (J.C. Connors)
Playing With Your Mind: Secret Knowledge from GURPS Illuminati (Nigel Findley)
Primary Sources: Reviews of Gameable Fiction: John Varley's "Titan" Trilogy (Steve Jackson)
Bleeding Kansas: An Old West Campaign in the Civil War (Robert L. Collins)
Writing for GURPS: Getting Your Foot in the Door (Steve Jackson)
Fanzines Forever! Freedom of the Press Belongs to Those Who Own One (Steve Jackson)
Public Key Encryption: Cryptography for Everyone (Sean Barrett)
Coming Attractions

Several Random Thoughts With No Coherent Theme

I very nearly skipped the editorial this month. There's no law that says I have to inflict Great Wisdom on you single issue. When I don't happen to have any Great Wisdom, I'd rather have an extra page for articles than make up 500 words of drivel. But I do have a few non-great (but maybe interesting) bits of news to pass along . . .

First – yes, this issue is late. Since I edit Roleplayer myself, it sometimes takes the hit when other work gets piled up. And between worldbook deadlines and income-tax returns, we put this issue off. The plan, though, is not to slip the whole magazine schedule a month, but to let the next two issues come out quickly, so the right number of issues will be released this year.

What? A Color Cover?

I hope you've already noticed the other new thing about the magazine itself. If not, close it and look at the cover. Doing this was surprisingly inexpensive, too!

More Literary Licenses (he said gleefully)

Have I mentioned that we will be doing GURPS Difference Engine, based on the alternate-history Victorian England created by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling? We will.

Have I mentioned that we'll be doing GURPS Lensman, based on E.E. "Doc" Smith's classic stories of world-wrecking pulp SF? We will.

Have I mentioned that we'll be publishing GURPS Alvin Maker, based on the stories by Orson Scott Card . . . and that Card is writing the worldbook himself? Look for it in 1993.

Have I mentioned that . . . Well, it's not signed yet. But we've got another great one all but signed. Stay tuned.

– Steve Jackson

Editor: Steve Jackson

Managing Editor: Jeff Koke

Product Development Manager: Loyd Blankenship

Editorial Assistant: Monica Stephens

Production Manager: Carl Anderson

Cover Art: Ruth Thompson

Illustrations: Mike Barrett, Evan Dorkin, Kyle Miller, Michael Scott, Doug Shuler, Ruth Thompson, Charlie Weidman

Circulation Manager: Mike Hurst

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