Roleplayer #28, April 1992

New Skill: Hiking

Hiking is a Physical/Average skill. There is no default. It was introduced in the new Imperial Rome worldbook to cover the legions' trained skill of walking long distances quickly – but it could be appropriate in any background.

This skill is based on HT, not DX, and represents training for endurance walking, hiking, marching, etc. It also includes knowledge of how best to carry a pack, how to pace yourself, and so on. Roll vs. Hiking before each half-day's march; on a successful roll, increase distance traveled (see p. B187) by 20% before calculating terrain effects. If a party is traveling together, all must make the Hiking roll in order to get the increased distance. Because there is no default, those not trained in Hiking have no chance to get this bonus.

The GM may allow bonuses for having good maps and good walking shoes, but not for terrain; the effects of terrain on distance are covered on p. B188.

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