Roleplayer #4, February 1987

Autoduel Character

Danielle Adair

Should you need an NPC with great expertise in AADA Circuit events, Dani Adair is a natural, she knows the business inside and out, has had several years in the arena, and has a good memory for duellists and information about them. Though cautious (as duellists go, anyway), she has a passionate love of fair play, and would be likely to ally herself with an underdog in the name of justice. She might also turn up as an employer – or as a foe, if the PCs are trying something shifty or are allied with EDSEL. She has lots of contacts, and her skills are still sharp.

Adair is 5' 10", 140 lbs., with dark, curly hair, fair skin, and very dark blue eyes. Her total character point value is 160 points.

ATTRIBUTES:     ST: 10   DX: 14   IQ: 13   HT: 11Total Cost: 85points
ADVANTAGES:Total Cost: 77points
Reputation (+4, recognized by everyone)20points
Patron (Magnum Motors, very powerful, appears fairly often)20points
Wealth (Very Wealthy)30points
Reputation (+2, duelling fans, 10)2points
DISADVANTAGES:Total Cost: -40points
Enemy: EDSEL, large and powerful, appears on roll of 6 or less.-15points
Fanaticism (passionate about fairness)-15points
QUIRKS:Total Cost: -2points
Loves incense; burns it everywhere-1point
Politically very conservative; always gripes about government-1point
SKILLS:Total Cost: 40points
Driving (Car/TL7)-168points
Fast-Draw (Pistol)-141point
First Aid/TL7-142points
Gunner (Rocket Launcher)-15*4points
Guns (Submachine Gun)-16*4points
Profession: Announcer-144points
Improved Body Armor$1500/ 25 lbs.
Uzi (SMG)$250/ 9 lbs.
VEHICLE:Total Cost:$29,690
Magnum MicroDuellist (see GURPS Autoduel, p. 38).
(Note that with Adair behind the wheel, total weight = 7294 lbs. – 506 lbs. left for cargo.)

[* Errata from RP #7: Danielle Adair has Gunner (RL) at 17 (not 15) and Guns (SMG) at 18 (not 16), because of her +2 IQ bonuses.]

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