Roleplayer #4, February 1987

GURPS Autoduel

An AADA Circuit Example

The AADA Circuit rules appear on page 76 of GURPS Autoduel. Space limitations prevented us from including the example written to illustrate those rules – so here it is. This is a look at duellist Danielle Adair's last season.

Dani Adair, as most of you know, was a veteran on the duel circuit. This was her tenth and final season (her seventh winning season); she has now retired to sportscasting. Adair was a Division 30 duellist on the Overdrive Circuit. Her season looked like this:

Date (month/weekend)Arena SitePlaced/Field ofPurse WonPoints (new/total)
August/2ndLas VegasK/24-0/56
August/4thSalt Lake1st/2915,00010/66

N = Did Not Place Among Point-Scorers
K = Killed

She started off the season with an Adair tradition, a first place finish at the Portland arena. Her next few matches, except for a disappointing eighth-place finish at Baltimore JoustDuel and a critical power plant fire at Muskogee, were quite successful ones.

In Las Vegas in August, Adair was killed by local Nevada duellist Tommy Puzo driving a stock Acme Galahad, who declined Adair's surrender and became only the second person to kill the Washington ace.

Though this sort of calamity has stalled the season of many a competitor, Adair bounced back from the deadly defeat during the next match, where she swept the Deseret Division 30 field and took the first-place cup for the event. Her next match brought her a respectable third place and put her within two points of the 75 mark.

Her retain to Seattle for the regional championship was not a triumph – only fourth place – but her placement and standings were sufficiently high that she advanced to the national championships in Chicago, where she sustained a concussion but still won. At the international championships in Baltimore, fierce fighting on the field and recurrent problems from the earlier injury led to a disappointing fifth-place finish; but she still held the title of U.S. Division 30 Champion.

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