Roleplayer #4, February 1987

New Necromantic Spell

Here is another spell that was omitted from GURPS Fantasy due to lack of space. This is a powerful spell. It is suggested that GMs not just add this to the list of available spells. Instead, PCs should hear rumors of its existence . . . but to actually learn the spell, an arduous quest should be required. And they will be opposed by foes who know the spell, and can use it to predict their movements . . .

Summon Shade (VH) . . . . . Information; Resisted by IQ

This spell summons a "shade" of the subject from the future, to answer the caster's questions. The shade will not lie (except on a critical failure) but it will be disoriented; therefore, its answers may be unclear and imprecise. One question may be asked for each minute the spell continues. Use of this spell will lead to paradoxes, which must be accepted as they occur. It may be that the shade does not come from a certain future, but merely the most likely one. Therefore, this spell may be an unsatisfactory augury.

Example: One might summon the shade of Tobias from three years hence, ask him what he had for dinner last night. The shade simply came from a different future. Of course, the shade might also reply, "I have not eaten for three years, for your hirelings slew me as I slept."

At the time from which the shade is drawn, the subject will have a vivid dream in which he will see his quesioner(s) and remember all that is said. Thus, you always know if you have been interrogated by this spell – if you live long enough and the event comes true.

If the spell fails, the caster and his assistants may not attempt to summon any shade of that same person for a year.

Skill modifiers: -1 for each year in the future from which the shade is drawn; -5 if the subject is not present, or -10 if not even tokens (clothing, hair clippings, etc.) are present; -10 if the subject's full name is not known.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: 50 to cast; 20 to maintain.
Time to cast: 10 minutes before the shade appears. One try per subject preson per year.
Prerequisite: Summon Spirit.
Item: Staff, wand, or jewelry; does not automatically let wearer cast spell, but gives a +2 to his skill roll. Energy cost to create: 800.

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