Roleplayer #5, August 1987

Why All the Questions?

Why all the questions?

"What do you do with these questionnaires?"

"Do my comments really make a difference?"

"How do you decide what games to print?"

All of the above have been asked by folks responding to our questionnaires. Yes – your comments and opinions really are important! We read each response we receive, and computerize the data several different ways. This tells us, for instance, how many people want a Space worldbook and how many would much prefer a Fantasy adventure. Your input is an important part of deciding which GURPS supplements to send to the head of the priority list.

Your answers tell us what you want to pay for, what extras you like and don't like, and what you want us to do in the future. They tell us how powerful you want your characters to be, whether you play solo or in a group, and which parts of the system are too difficult or too easy.

We love it when we make you happy, but it's also important to know what irritates you, so we can try to avoid repeating the mistake. (Speaking of mistakes, keep telling us about errata you find, too!) Financially, we'd be crazy not to listen to the people who buy our products, but we're also very proud of what we're doing and your help is a major part of making it even better. Our goal is to provide you with great gaming products at reasonable prices. Please keep talking to us – we do care!

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